our week in pictures! and an insect freebie

We had our annual insect invasion this past few weeks! I've been super happy with the insect knowledge my kiddos have about the basics! I mean, they knew that insects have 6 legs...happy teacher!
We completed our baby mealworms birth certificates. Of course we had to backdate them! I tell them that they are parents now and when we get them out of the "house" they have to keep an eye on them...you wouldn't believe how many babies we have lost in years past! So far so good! Only one has wandered into the street (aka. fell off the desk!)

Isn't this a fun little scientific drawing! We will call this child kaleidoscope...
this activity is from my Mealworms on Parade unit

describing our luscious lollies

good vs evil mudges! from Amy's Mudge pack

I chose to begin the year with characters and character traits. I absolutely love Amanda's Character Traits unit! Using the terms inner and outer traits has changed my life! So easy for them! I am using our first author of the month, Kevin Henkes, and it is just perfection! I alternate minilessons between our basal (Iris and Walter and Henry and Mudge stories) and Kevin Henkes mouse books. All are so good for talking about characters. We even did character traits for Lady Liberty on 9/11

working on punctuating ALL of our sentences! from Amy's sentences pack

a gallery walk...look we are reading the BFG!

see! We are working on adjectives! haha

and when this is beside the tarantula cage...

here's what happens! gimme those caterpillars!

Now get your insect life cycle freebie! It's a 3 page cut and paste life cycle diagram plus the writing piece I used this week! I loved how they turned out! I had the paste both onto a piece of brown construction paper to display with our birth certificates! And one option doesn't say mealworm in case you want to use a different insect!

click pictures to download


notes to the teacher

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