an exhausted five for $200!

It's a back to school Five for Friday!
I survived my first week back.
I went to bed by 8pm for the past 3 nights!
Like Abby said, there ain't no tired like teacher tired!

this is from Amy's Let's get Started pack. I love it for the first weeks of math

we are up to 11:45:04! Yes, we count up to the tenth of a second! Every second counts! When we beat 10 minutes we did a little Despicable Me Just Dance! When we beat 11 minutes, we danced on our desks! Thanks C. Jayne Teach for that little gem! fyi-I have a student with a prosthetic leg...he danced on his desk too! melt my heart

I love Amanda Gregory's Back to School Buddies file! I used this Pal Ponderings interview after we discuss how to listen to each other. They have to go back and forth taking turns and record their friend's answers to the questions.

I got into a minor bump up on Thursday afternoon. Poor kid! Let's hope his insurance pulls!

Day 2 of school and I was already wearing glasses and hair was pulled back! I try to expose the kids to everyway I may wear my hair the first week of school! Lots of combos: ponytail with contacts, ponytail with glasses, hair down with contacts, hair down with glasses, hair curled with glasses, hair curled with contacts! That way I won't have to hear reactions later on!

and if you've read this deserve a chance to win! 10 winners will win a 200$ giftcard to one of these stores...come on J. Crew!! Madewell! Anthropologie!! TARGET!!


  1. Haha! My older sister warned me to not go all out on the first day of school, because then they will expect it the rest of the year! She told me to treat it as a normal day and be myself. It was great advice:).

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  3. Looks like a fun week! I wish I could take the time at the beginning of the year to explore Math stations, but our district has us jump right in. Ugghh... it's frustrating that they don't realize how much kids need that time for procedures and exploration!

  4. Love all your pics and that adorable little banner on each one!!!!!
    um.....share how you did that PLEASE! Always so much cuteness with
    you my friend:) Have a wonderful holiday weekend:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  5. Glad you survived your first week! I am dreading it! Thanks for the link to the Very Jane Contest! I just entered.


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