sunday smorgasbord

it's sunday again...not too many more of these before I go back to school!
So here are some randoms from this week!
A big thanks to Michelle for this linky!

I went to Ollie's today. Do you have one of these. It's like Bog Lots but better! They have an amazing book section and always have good stuff from barnes and noble. Well, today was no exception. They had just set up a big buy out from B&N. I got all these books for 100$! I cannot wait to label them tomorrow! 

I have finally begun writing in my teacher planner. I have some fun lined up in August!

I am so excited to see my girls again and meet some new ones! The Carolinas are really blessed!

I got half of my bulletin boards finished this week. It is taking me awhile because I am really trying to analyze what I really need! So this birdie one will be where I hang anchor charts. I use post it chart pads.
the other is a cork strip that I had to hide! I put my creative teaching press border on it and then clipped little dollar clothespins from michaels for displaying student work!

my teaching besties just started a blog! If you think I am sarcastic, you've seen nothing! I love them! They are truly like long lost sisters!

I'm obsessed with +Melanie Ralbusky! Really. Everything she puts out is fantabulous! I bought her book two weeks ago. As I'm doing my room I keep asking myself, "What would Melanie do?"


  1. Your classroom looks great! I can't get into my room for 2 more weeks. Ahhhh.... I ordered the Chevron Border last week (yes, I know I'm way late) and it's on backorder...I hope it gets in on time!!


  2. I love your boards! Thanks for sharing your classroom.
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  3. I love everything Melanie Ralbusky does too...I want my room to look like one of hers!!! I'm looking forward to meeting you at the Carolina bloggers meet-up THIS weekend...can't wait!!!

  4. oh, I LOVE where you are going to hang your anchor charts! I need this bulletin board! :) We can't go to our classroom yet, so I have been working on some things from home. I am going to the Carolina bloggers meet-up on Saturday and I am really excited to meet everyone! :)

    Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom


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