insta-giveaway! heads-up!

So I reached 1000+ followers on Instagram. I am sure my hubby is no longer one of them due to the overwhelming amount of pictures of teacher crap and school supplies!
So I thought I would try out the #instagiveaway

So check me out on Instagram
look for this picture-I will host a different product each day this weekend starting today!

You can win it! To enter do these 3 things 

1) follow me@tattooedteacherblog 
2) like picture 
3) repost this picture** and TAG me in it (where it says add people below when u post). When you tag me, I can keep track of the tags!

**repost it {now it took me forever to figure this out, but take a screen shot with your phone and post it to instagram-it will crop to look like the same one!}

I hope that's not too hard!!


  1. Thank you for the tutorial - I felt like the last kid on the playground who didn't get picked because I couldn't figure it out! Duh!

    Congrats on the big number!
    Lucky to Be in First


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