favorite pins and classroom library organizing part 1

I'm taking a break from cutting out library labels to link up with adorable Cara and share my favorite pins from this week!

first is a home with the boys pin. I love this idea from The Modern Teacher {she is ah-mazing btw} for the week before going back to school. My up and coming third grader loves school supplies almost as much as his momma! I have been hoarding away some cute notebooks and things for him!
I am planning on recovering my ugly burgundy office chair I use at school. I have the fabric to cover it {and those crate seats I was going to do LAST summer} I just need to figure out how to get it apart! and I cannot trace this pin back...

I adore this little video clip of Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Looks like a match made in heaven!

and here's something I want to do at Open House! Do the math to find your seat, but I want to use it to find their "number" for cubbies and desks, etc. this is another pin that leads to nowhere though...

I love this sight word money from the Moffat Girls. Annie is a doll! and so is here stuff! These are on my B2S list!

and here's what I have spent every morning this week doing! I added contact paper to the back inside of my built-ins. If they weren't built in I'd spray paint those bad boys!
 I got all my craft supplies into 6 modular shelves from Walmart. I still have more organizing to do in this closet!
and here's my nonfiction section. I also need to recover that chair. It was a throw away I snagged. and those frames will frame something!
 I still have to attach all the labels to the book boxes. I ordered new boxes at the end of school, so I need to add my new ones. I used the editable Bright and Clear from Kristen. I really ended up using the blank template more than anything! I get a little specific with my labels! Luckily she thought about that ahead of time!
I wrote down each genre and box number so I could work on them at home.

and I got one on today. I sure didn't realize they were this big, but it'll work! I will not let it bother me. No.I.won't. The stickers are probably the only thing I still hand write in my classroom! I have 43 full boxes and I will not be tackling renumbering all those books. Never, Like ever!
aren't those labels cute! they are her best seller!

happy friday!
I will link up with Kristen and Elizabeth tomorrow to share more about our library!

and one more itty bitty thing...
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