monday made it {instagram style} and more common core

So we take all these cute pictures and put them on Instagram to share with the world...then what? About a year ago I saw a site called insta.print. So expensive! and I am not even sure it's still around.
Then for father's day I wanted to do a poster of each of the boys at baseball games for Mr. Lamb. I went to and lo and behold...I saw this!
instagram + kevin and amanda font=love!
and here's what I ended up with!
It still needs some more pictures {which I just ordered-see below!} and I think some lace or ribbon and definitely a little bunting, but it is pouring rain and I like it just fine for now!!

so here's the 411 and I am sure a tutorial is not at all necessary, but they sure are pretty!

and here's the frame directions.

I chose an unfinished frame {Hobby Lobby} without glass for $39 minus 40% off coupon. 
Scrapbook clothespins {Hobby Lobby} I fully intended to go through the ordeal of glittering and papering myself, until I saw these things! I got two different packs that matched my home. 
plus my Instagram prints {$2.73}
mauve-ish colored wire {Hobby Lobby in the jewelry aisle} they have lots of colors and thicknesses.
{$1.99} I only used one spool and the frame is 18x20
thumb tacks {free from my desk drawer}

I pushed in the tack in the top corder and I wrapped the end of the wire around the base of the tack before pushing into the wood frame all the way. I just unraveled and zigzagged until I got the look I wanted. One part of the wire got twisted and has a kink in it, but I covered it with a picture!

ain't he a doll!?

I love the unfinished, scrappy look of it and the ease of changing out pictures to keep them current!

AND I did manage to squeeze out one TpT file that has been on my list thanks to Miss Tara! 
click me to see

I finally got the 4th grade posters made. I will blog about how I use these later on, but my 2nd grade ones are best sellers {and newly updated and on sale!} and I'm pretty much in love with how this set turned out! If you follow Tara at all, you recognize these colors! And a Big Ol' thanks to Ashley for making the Tara paper pack!
I may venture and take color requests on these sets, but let's see how things go! 
So go and link up with Tara now so I can spend more money and get more crafty!


  1. That frame is gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial! I'm going to definetely add that to my list of things to do for home. Thanks for sharing!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. I love the Instagram picture idea! Thank you for sharing!!


  3. I love that frame to pieces!!!! It is totally something I would buy
    and put in my house!!! I want to glitter clothes pins too but now
    I won't have to:) Putting those on my list to buy! You know how much
    I LOVE those common core posters!!!!! Thank you, thank you my sweet

  4. Thanks for the tip on printing Instagram photos. I need to get on that!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  5. Oh thank goodness for Hobby Lobby! I was there myself this afternoon and they were just marking their clearance down 66%. Needless to say, I came home with more than I intended to get. Love the frame! Such a cute idea!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  6. I love your project! I'm in awe as usual :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  7. This is such a cute project! I made something similar that was definitely inspired by Pinterest:


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