whew, the water cycle works!

We had some unexpected guests that arrived a tad early on Tuesday, so this little teacher is scrambling to finish up weather because...

our mealworms have arrived! a week early!
I tried to convince them it was NOT anything alive, but there is no foolin' kids who are expecting mealworms, crickets, butterflies, and chicken eggs! We will have lots to show you, but not yet!

So to keep them fully invested in weather for a few more days we made the water cycle!
And thank the good Lord above it worked!! and within the hour.

So there are 23 water cycles taped to the windows!
We added a few details to help them remember what each "tion" actually is.
Waves for accumulation, up arrow for evaporation, down arrow for precip, and a cloud for accumulation
They are super excited about checking them...too often, but what kind of teacher shoos the kiddos away from Science in action!

My teammie told me about "art snacks" on YouTube
they are 5 minute videos about drawing things for kids
they are awesome!
Obviously we did the water cycle scene
Not sure if it's a man or woman {no face}
but they talk to the kids while they draw and explain how things do not have to be perfect
We watched it twice with some pausing

Love them!!
and what would the water cycle be without a song or two!
I have no clue where I heard this or if I dreamed it up, but I've used it for three years and it works like a charm!
My 2nd grader volunteered to be videoed for this! bless him!

and here's the words...you know, just in case! haha!

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  1. I've always wanted to try the water cycle in a baggie experiment! I LOVE the Art Snacks video... my students would love that. Thanks for sharing!

    EduKate and Inspire


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