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it's pretty straightforward this month
I'm loving Spring Break...finally!
but I'd really love a trip to the beach!
It's been EIGHT years since we went as a family!
catching up on the Walking Dead with my oldest
we just started Season 2!
If I do not sell my house soon, I'm donating it or something!
Is it me or do people expect you to give your home away these days?!
and my advice to sellers and bloggers that I learned through all this-if you do not use it, just don;t make it!
The hardest thing for me is seeing all the top sellers and thinking,
gosh why didn't I think of that?
But you cannot cover all bases and you shouldn't try.
your products will be shoddy and lack your expertise!
I love teaching science!
My best sellers are my science units...make sense?
If your products should reflect you and your teaching style while still being "generic" enough for others to use, too! (that's also a hard lesson!)

and I want to give a bog shout out to Michelle aka The 3am Teacher!
I asked her to add some borders around my posts and comments, and ta-da!
SHe had it done in less than 24 hours!
If you need a little blog facelift, check out Michelle!
and I had to share my new wallpaper from Sassy Designs!


  1. Good luck selling your house! I could use extra spring break time as well:)
    Primary Classrooms are Oceans of Fun

  2. I would give everything to have Spring Break be at least 3 weeks long. I dread going back to the absolute chaos that is the last few weeks of school...especially because my student teacher is done in two weeks. Yikes!

  3. You are so sweet!!! I am going on about 3 years without a beach trip and I am definitely having withdrawals.

    Thank you so much for the shout out!!! I will race you to the beach..haha

    The 3AM Teacher
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    1. it's on! though I think I love closer...maybe! =) different coasts! ahaha

  4. Great advice for selling products. As a newer member of the blogging and TPT community, I guess I never really thought of it that way. It makes total sense. The new things I am working on are in my area, and I cannot wait to use them in the classroom. Thank you :) Hope you sell the house soon!
    - Kendra

  5. We are obsessed with The Walking Dead. We just watched the Season Three Finale so I will keep my mouth shut! Season 2 has been my favorite out of all three... So good!

  6. I'm on spring break this week, too, and LOVING it as well!

  7. I'm jealous you're on spring break. I want another one, haha!

    I have a tattoo on my foot as well, although I have to cover it in the district I'm student teaching in. I'm glad to have found your blog!

    Heather @ Crazy Life of a Future Teacher

  8. Love, love the bordered comments....I might have to hit Michelle up! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  9. Oh my gosh... I <3 the Walking Dead... I would love to be one of the zombie extras!!! We live near the Georgia coast... so my girlfriend(s) and I always take our kiddos and stay the week... I hope you sell your house soon and get to take a kick butt beach vacay!
    Funky Fresh Firsties

  10. I always think I need a few more weeks of break! Ha! I agree with you, Michelle is so great! Good luck with selling the house.
    Conversations in Literacy


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