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Have you noticed the "networked blogs" on the sidebars? I never really paid much attention to it, but today while visiting Erica's blog I checked it out. So glad I did! It is just an awesome way to read the blogs you follow and network! I signed up this little blog, so check it out! I love the reader because it is clearer and easier than Google Reader which I use if I'm on the mac.
See, it's pretty awesome, right!?

As you know, Rachel Greene Lamb loves her some St. Patrick's Day! For obvious reasons. I love green! Every time I write green I put an E on the end and have to go back and erase it. habit

So here's what we will be up to this week. One day I may work up the time to do visual plans because I love seeing them, but with required online plans due each Monday-it's all I can muster up!

We will dive right into St. Patrick's Day writing because I just got their Seuss writing up and all! Sheesh!  We make Christie's Leprechaun cuties to display with our lucky writings.

About mid-week we will begin learning more about the history and customs for St. Paddys. I love each and every part of this file. I begin with the interactive mini-book. Then I show them a video clip about the Blarney Stone and we write about what persuasive things we would say to others! What would you talk people into doing? I'd have to say WORKING QUIETLY! hahaha

The file also has a super fun center or morning surprise money activity. I bought the little pots of gold at Party City last year and filled them with our money manipulatives. What's great is that you can control how much money goes in their pots. My higher level mathematicians get more to count up! To use as a center, just have the kiddos scoop coins into their pots!

They sort the money using the sorting mat if needed, then make a double bar graph with a partner.

Last but certainly not least, Friday we will do the ye old Lucky Charms activities. but on our level. Since Common Core, I knew the old sort and graph just wasn't going to cut it, so I made my own! Now we tally, write comparison statements, assign monetary value and count, create equations, and answer some difficult questions concerning place value. I love it! Plus is takes a good amount of time...not that I need them to work quietly for any extended period of time or anything...

So what are your St. Patrick's Day plans?

Find some great ideas at Sharing Kindergarten's linky!


  1. Thanks for the "Lucky to Be Me" freebie, Rachel. I know my students will love it!


  2. Love your St. Paddy's activities, Rachel! I especially appreciate the rigor you include!

    Happy (almost) St. Patrick's Day! I miss living in Chicago this time of year where they dye the river green and it's just a big party!


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