five for "fraturday"

thanks to Teeny for the new word for those of us who link up late!

1. My week has been a little wacky
sweet Cara's font, lettering delights, miss tina, and Moffatt doodles graphics!
everyone at home is sick...except me! Even Polly Cat! Scary!
And I mean puking sick! I can handle most anything, but who really likes to throw up??

2. Thursday evening Mr. Lamb felt better and decided we'd leave work early {yay!} and head to the ACC tournament. We went to see our Wolfpack last year and we decided to take the two oldest boys. We bought cheap tickets, like last year. 

We get there and start up the steps. We are climbing up so many steps I had to take a break. We are in the LAST ROW like arms length from the ceiling. Now I am certain we were maybe this high up last year and I was fine. But as soon as I turned towards the court, I lost it. Full on panic. My hands were so sweaty I couldn't grip. I couldn't look down because the pitch was so steep. I had to look sideways and I am pretty sure I was in fetal position in my chair. Poor hubby said we had to leave. I was white as a ghost. I said I would wait in the lobby! But, we left. So, I owe them!
It was so random. I still felt weird until this morning. Every time I closed my eyes to fall asleep last night I had flashbacks! oh, the horror

3. Since I left early yesterday we only got to a few of the St. Paddy Day plans. However, while we were finishing up our Lucky Me writing and adding the lil' leprechaun legs, a few boys decided to make "leprechaun minions" out of their scraps. Hey, help save the Earth! They gave me one for good luck at the game. I guess it worked for the team, but not for me!
we will still do our Lucky Charms math books and history minibooks on Monday and it's HALF price until tomorrow! 

4. We still have TWO weeks until Spring Break! And I was unlucky enough to get a jury duty summons the week before Spring Break. They will be seeing one angry teacher if it cuts in my break time! I hope the defendants are ready! Actually I am fascinated by the law, I just don't want to miss break! waa!!

4. My class is eating up Stephanie's 50 Book Challenge. We started on our Seuss Day and they love it! I copied the response pages/chain links 2 per page to save copies and we are building up our itty bitty chains! Some are up to 10 links. I am giving them the rest of the year and we have them hanging in the hall. What a great idea! 

happy fraturday!


  1. I (knocks wood) managed to be the only one not to get the stomach bug last go round at my house. I'll send those happy thoughts your way. That is the WORST!

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

    1. oh yes please! Middle lamb now has strep! boo!

  2. YAY for a fellow Wolfpack fan!

    1. woo-hoo! We are a loyal bunch! We have to be! haha!


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