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drum roll please...
the winner of a whole lot of goodies from the blogging bests and $25 gift cert. to TpT is...
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And I am kinda sad the giveaway is over...
but it's March and time for currently with Farley, so I guess I'll be ok!

listening ok y'all it is only 7ish am here and I do not want to be up this early! But all of us who have little ones know they hate getting up M-F and wake up the roosters on S-S! ugh but thrift shop is playing on the mac!
loving my spiky flats that I have been looking for forever! I told the kids they are now my Monday shoes" and they better watch out.
If you follow me on Instagram You've seen these!
On a funny side note, I have these "leg warmers" at school. Not the 80s kind, but these kids that run to sit directly under my feet at the rug and feel my shoes. I mean, I do have awesome shoes, but I would like to not have to shave my lower legs once in awhile, but nope...not with these leg warmers around. Sometimes I feel a little bit harassed by 3pm and have to tell Mr. Lamb that my touching quota has been met! So maybe these will help?...no. They were pressing on them to see if the spikes would leave dents on their fingers!

thinking I should not be sore from Just Dance! Oh my. I am so outta shape! But we dance to 2 videos each day for a brain break. I stumbled upon them on You Tube and we are so loving it! I love watching them get down! They are so much better than me! Our favs: Super Mario, Beauty and a Beat (ok, my fav, but it's way too hard!), Pump it Up, and anything Flo-Rida. No dirty lyrics and it's just plain old fun! And the Eye of the Tiger is like kick boxing! There are also plenty of Kids ones if you prefer like the gummy bear song.

wanting and needing are pretty self explanatory!

like ronald reagan. with all the presidential reading lately, I love sharing about reagan! I love him! I think of him as my president because he was president when I was born. My uncle worked at the white house and my padres got a congrats letter from him when I was born...so sweet
love riding. alone. in my car. with the music loud. I love 90s alternative. If I could go back in time I'd go to see Nirvana Unplugged. I have an obsession with that album. I'm off to go to McDonalds alone any minute...bliss! I'm also a little obsessed with Thrift Shop right now too! Have you seen the video! ha! It's dirty. earmuffs!
hate rude and rowdy. pretty much describes my class these days. We even had a 2nd grade parent meeting due to the new legislation in our state that says any child who does not meet grade level standards at the end of 3rd grade will remain in third grade. That was a little wake up, but only for the parents that showed up! Do you all have this new legislation?


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  2. I love your shoes. I wish I could wear cute flats like those but my foot is too narrow to fit in flats!

    It is really interesting the new legislation your state has passed. I wish they did that for every grade and stood by it. My students know they can get by with doing nothing and still pass so they stop trying by this point in the year.

    Happy weekend!
    Sixth Grade Tales

  3. love-N your new shoes!!!
    thanks for linking up :)
    and we did have that legislature and now it is just for 5th grade... AGHHHH
    Texas Education System is so frustrating...

  4. Hey! I teach in NC, too! I think that legislation is the most ridiculous thing ever. It makes me nervous for my former students who'll be in 3rd next year. I think it should at least be based on growth - not achievement. Anyways...thanks for writing about the just dance videos on youtube. I'm definitely going to try some of those with my kids. We've been doing a lot of the Sid Shuffle lately.

    Carolina Teacher

    1. We have the same legislation in Ohio. I agree that it should be based on growth. Ours says if they don't pass the OAA test they won't move on. This is a 2 1/2 hour test given on one morning. It does not represent the child's true ability to read. They also are requiring 3rd grade teachers to have the Reading Endorsement. I plan on getting the endorsement, but won't be able to finish before the fall. So, it looks like I won't be teaching 3rd grade next year. Very sad.

  5. Congrats to Teresa for winning your awesome giveaway! Thanks again for including me, Rachel!

    I'm with you on the leg warmers and the Diet Coke!

  6. Those shoes are too cute!!!! Love them!!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  7. Now I'm craving a soda! I don't have any leg-warmers this year and I kind of miss them...grass is greener and all that jazz!

    Have a great weekend :)

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  8. Nice shoes girl!
    I am with you...driving alone, listening to some cool 'mommy music' (thank you Madonna) and singing my heart out. Love those days.
    My Second Sense

  9. LOVE the shoes! How is it that I am up on a Sunday morning (AUS time) at 7am too? Well thanks to that alarm my BF didn't have set to M-F that is!!!!! Once I am awake, I am awake........

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  10. Alright, have to make a confession... I took another blogging vacation and just caught up on a month's worth of your posts! You sure have been busy! I LOVE your new blog design AND your new shoes! My students are loving those Just Dance videos, too, but their current favorite is The Sid Shuffle (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMuJxd2Gpxo). Hope you have been doing well!!

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. PS: We have The 3rd Grade Guarantee in Ohio. Like Kathy said above, it now requires teachers to have a K-12 reading endorsement to have the at-risk students in their classroom. I have a K-2 reading endorsement, but that is no longer good enough. What a frustration!

  11. Ok those shoes are AWESOME!!!!!!! :)
    Glad I found your blog through Farley today.


  12. Can you share your list of dance videos? THanks

  13. In the car ALONE? Yes, please. I'll settle for kids sleeping in the car. My audiobooks aren't too loud for that!

    Florida has had mandatory retention for third grade reading. We often joke that you don't have to be able to count, just read. I've taught third grade in Florida for about 10 years now - you get used to it.

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  14. Oh my goodness I LOVE your shoes!! I'm officially very jealous of them haha Found you through the currently--I'm your newest follower! Please feel free to stop by if you get a chance :)


    The Quirky Apple
    Sparkly, Quirky Lifebox


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