run of the city {economics project fun}

I have posted about Itty Bitty City before, but I finally have my resources up on TpT. I know I promised them last February, but I guess life happens!
To wrap up our economics study our entire grade level becomes a little city, Itty Bitty City to be exact. Each classroom offers a service and a good to our Pre-k-first grade customers.

To give a little background without droning on, each kid has a job or is shopping
Each classroom offers a good and a service

To prep we give the teachers $5 checks for each kid to spend in the city (not real money). That's it for the customers.
this year we offered:
Playhouse theatre
art gallery
hobby shop
hot cocoa coffeehouse

In order to setup each shop, we ask for donations depending on the good or service, but try to avoid spending any money ourselves. For instance, I do a nail salon/massages, and bookmarks/bookstore.
Students bring in their own polish and we ask for old books schoolwide to "sell" at the bookstore. For bookmarks we cut up strips of paper, and for coloring sheets to print the most amazing things I have ever seen from doodle art alley. Our bakery also asks for little debbies so everything is pre-wrapped.
{also read last year's post}
I won't try to explain every aspect, but here's a lot of pictures from this year and last

paper airplanes and snowflakes at the hobby shop

the bakery

transaction action

the bookstore. all books $1!

this little one had her mom splatter nail polish on a tee for the full effect

browsing the bookstore

the "intersection" at our four classrooms

the coloring/bookmark area of the bookstore

and if you're interested in doing this too, here's a little resource pack to help you implement it! I included everything but the goods and the kids themselves! And, since this could be a grade level project, there is no extra charge to share the file as long as it is shared within your own school. But is is definitely something 1 or 2 teachers could pull off.

If you purchase it, I'd love to see how you used it!
and since I will probably be MIA until Friday {our oldest has an interview for high school tomorrow...I know, weird right!?} don't forget to enter my 1000 follower giveaway!

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