CURRENTLY will the real rachel please stand up

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Now on to Currently, praise the LAWD this week is over...I think my currently reflects it well. You may be thinking...will the real rachel lamb please stand up...
I warn you know, the following is not my normal, sarcastic humor, but reality straight talk from a rather ill teacher...

Listening-why is the answer ALWAYS Minecraft!?
Loving-honestly, I can't even believe I blogged this week. It was completely unblogworthy! I have never been so ill with a group of kids...{if you do not want to read my ranting, please skip ahead!} I mean, who do they think they are!? 
It's the 100th day of school, we're acting like it's day 1 or 180! 
Sure, just get up during my lessons and toss something in the trash. 
Sure, go ahead and stay seated during the Pledge! 
Sure, turn in work that's not even finished. 
Hey, who minds if I blurt out even when you are speaking one on one!
Here's how Thursday went
The school psychiatrist came to observe a quirkball
By the time her 30 mins were up I figured she'd be returning for 22 more observations!
I've never been more embarrassed!
I betcha 5 kids got up during the math lesson on time, which they stink at
All but about 3 blurted out or interrupted me with nonsense at some point
So onto Friday which was supposed to be Snowed in at School Day
It wasn't
It was "Mrs. Lamb is sick of it all, copied 10 worksheets to do without getting up while she met with guided reading groups, then made us walk laps at recess, then made us sit in our assigned lunch seats even though it is "free choice friday", then made us stayed seated during math and do more worksheets on time" Day
Oh, and you didn't finish your classwork because you were staring into space or shirking your work {our word of the week}, well then you got weekend homework!

phew, I'm done
SO Snow Day is Monday
and I swear to you No More Miss Nelson in room 205
Miss Swamp is in the building and she's kicking ass and takin names!
ok, now I'm done
ON the brighter side, I adore Black History month, I adore Ruby Bridges! and February and March are the best! So here's to the future!

Thinking-I am having Honey Bunch design my new blog template. I chose a pack from Miss Tiina cause I love everything she draws. But I have such an idea in my head, it is hard to explain to someone else what you want! I regret having any preconceived notions about my bloggy baby. I should have gone in wide open...too late! Hopefully I can get things exactly how I see them in the next week. In the meantime, I am sorry Erika schaff...

Wanting-About half of my installed fonts on my Mac are not in my choices when making anything...they are installed in my font book though. I even installed Font Explorer X to fix the problem thinking thousands of fonts were too much for font book, still me please Genius counter

Needing-other than a good pill or two, I am needing to restrain myself when eating, when fussing, when planning fun days, when sitting in faculty meetings. Just calm down in general...

Pet Peeves-funny you should ask, you probably shouldn't have...I have a whole page of em! Ok, the biggest ones are the word "gist", air quotes, snarky know-it-alls, and gritty foods {wanna read more-visit my ABOUT page at the top!}
Oh, and stretched out clip art...come on people...pull the corners! hehe

So go and link up with Farley so you can feel some positivity from a happier blogger. The real Rachel will be back soon! 


  1. The stretched out clip art comment makes me laugh! I didn't know that was a pet peeve of mine too until you wrote it!

    Sorry your kids were not your kids...we all have those days! Hope next week is better!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. I hate stretched out clipart, too. And I had one of those weeks with my kids as well. I so feel your pain.

    Krazy Town

  3. Thanks for sharing reality! Your class sounds a lot like mine!!! I feel so much better now knowing someone else out here in "blogland" has those days as well, I thought I was the only one! Look forward to seeing your new blog design.


  4. HA! Don't apologize. We'll get it!

  5. I have to laugh at Miss Swamp coming to your room. I honestly went out in the hall one time, came in and announced I was Ms. _________'s twin sister. And proceeded to tell the class all the little things Ms. _____ had told her that were bothering her about her students' behavior. Leaving out nothing. Then I went in the hall and returned as myself. I can tell you, she was way meaner than I am! And the kids shaped up.

    Re the fonts...I hope the Genius Bar lets you know how to access ALL of them in EVERYTHING...and then you tell us. Because I also have zillions of fonts but they don't always show up.

    I like both Rachels...I am always slightly suspicious of the teachers who seem to have dancing unicorns & smiling rainbows kinds of days. Everyday.

  6. I hope I'm laughing with you... with the week you've had, all you can do is laugh, right? Was there a full moon this week? My kiddos were pulling a lot of those same things this week. It was rough.

    oh, and yes... ick to stretched out clipart. :D

    I hope next week goes smoother.

    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  7. Have you been spying on my classroom? What you described could be any given day this year in my room. It has been challenging to say the least! I keep threatening them with a "worksheet" day or a "basal" day (we do Daily 5), but I haven't done it yet!
    I hope the rest of your year goes really fast! I am a new follower!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  8. LOL. When I asked my hubby he laughed saying I had so many my followers would be shocked. I had to go for I feel your pain.
    Stretched clipart...really?! That does not look so pretty, right? It is all about the cuteness!!!
    My Second Sense

  9. Oh man! Sorry about your week! I am hoping for a real snow day tomorrow :) Believe it or not, I am SO sick of having 2-hour delays... I either want ALL or nothing! Here's to a better week!

    EduKate and Inspire

  10. You crack me up. This week WILL be better. It has to be, right?


    Fun in Room 4B


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