product swapping with Miss Nelson! and a giveaway!

Have you heard of the Magical Product Swap? I found out about it in time for the third second edition and I was hooked! If you wanna join in on the fun, sign up here for the 4th swap!

cutie little button from Michelle @ 3AM Teacher

for my second product swap I was matched up with Miss Nelson
I love her blog, don't you!

I like when I get matched up with someone I have heard of, and a blogger I follow is a plus!

After perusing her store, I quickly decided this was the perfect time to upgrade my word work area! Do you do Daily 5, or something adapted like I do? If so, you know you gotta have something meaningful and engaging for work on words!

Mine has gone from a tall shelf with bins my first year in 2nd grade

to a set of rolly colorful craft drawers this year
and I actually have a second set that needs someone to assemble them! hint, hint

but the genius of Miss Nelson's spelling and word work 101 and 102 {yep, she sent me both!} is that you need nothing!! 
Just print the task cards {four to page or half page options}
An added plus is the creativity! Even after 10 years of this, Michele has come up with several activities I have never heard of!
Spelling Bee? yes, but not what you think! We drew little bees in nature scenes and wrote words in the bees!
Hidden Words-think highlights magazine! Students write words itty bitty inside their pictures. We used magnifying glasses to locate them!
And handwriting switch is awesome! Students wrote left-handed and right-handed!

and you can use your spirals {like we do} or her handy dandy sheets that accompany the task cards!
What I like best about the recording sheets is that 1. they are super cute, obviously and 2. they each have a detailed description of the task at hand and an example

and my favorite activity??? Teeny writing. I love all things mini. I loved littlest pet shop and polly pocket when I was a little one! below is the half page task cards. I printed the quarter page and put on rings to save space, but these are ca-ute!

this is my second product swap

these are great
if you have not participated yet, the next one is in April so go ahead and sign up
all you have to do is decide which product you would like from your assigned partner's store! easy right!
ok, you need to use it too
and to show some love, Miss Nelson and I are giving you a chance to win what we swapped!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hey Rachel
    Check out my post. Thanks for the great review. I just L.O.V.E. your sweet summarizing packet and so do my students.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    I enjoy reading your blog. I pinned some of your wtw posts. I am a 4th grade teacher in Australia and our school is implementing this program this year. It looks very daunting and complicated but its supposed to achieve positive results.
    Thanks for the organisational tips regarding the wtw program.
    Rebecca young

    1. that's great! It does seem daunting, but there is not that much to it. I personally do not use anything but the lists, cards, and assessments {which are great} I still use my own stuff for practice!
      Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Both blogs are amazing! I hope I win :)

  4. LOVE this idea. Where do I sign up?


    1. Here you are Sue. I just realized I did not have a link


  5. EEEk... what a great give-a-way. You both have SUCH cute blogs! Yay for a great product swap... you did a super review!
    Funky Fresh Firsties


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