Operation Organization and a FIRE!

yep, we had a real-life fire today!
and oddly, it's a funny story.
I never turn on the lights after lunch.
I read aloud while they have doodle time in their special doodle books
I'm reading Les Miz btw! what?! yup!

so since our lights are off, we usually do not notice it the power flips off for a few
but today we heard some screams
and what to little second graders do when they hear screams
run to the door of course

then a few minustes later the fire alarm goes off, but at the same time I hear the intercom flicker, soooo, since it isn't time for our regularly scheduled fire drill, I calmly said some crazy kid probably pulled the alarm and not to worry
back to drudging through patterns
then my teammie comes over and says
there's a fire in the kitchen
get your coat, get your red bag!
oh, so I was wrong about the crazy kid!
Chaos Excitement exudes through the room
we ever so quietly line up in orderly fashion
go out to our designated spot
turns out there WAS an oven fire during lunch
and it was put out before we even got outside!
but we were so prepped it wasn't even funny!
man, we did great!
we got to see 3 fire trucks come in
1 ambulance
and no one freaked!

so that's it
my first ever fire at school
But seriously, I am so proud of my kiddos! They were great and not a one of them embarrassed me during the ordeal!

ok, so onto Organization
I am taking baby steps
today during indoor recess we each grabbed 2 book baskets from our library
took out any that were not numbered or in the wrong basket
turned them facing forward
and dusted off the shelves!
They ate this up
some really took the lead and were walking around like who has fiction basket 7? Who has red basket 19?
hahaha! I love when they take charge
if only they'd do it during math or reading sometimes!

That's all I really have to share
we are working hard on Determining Importance and I have done some amazing lessons with them so of course I am compiling those into a new file! Plus I am almost finished with my Iditarod class pack and centers pack for us in March. I taught using the Iditarod theme for 5 years in the upper grades, but I am bringing it back this year. This group will love it! SO stay tuned!
and here is our Winter book themed bulletin board.
I love it! We had to do one for our school's reading night.
I ended up putting Christmas lights behind my fabric and it worked out swimmingly!

happy Wednesday!


  1. Wow! What an exciting day! I'm so impressed you are reading Les Miserables :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so glad everyone was okay. Also, Les Mis???? - WOW :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. Love Les Miserables! So glad everyone is o.k. We had a fire when I was in seventh grade. We were on the third floor of an old building and when the fire alarm went off, we (the teacher too) were like, do we really need to go down all those stairs (and back up again)? Of course, we did. As soon as we opened our door we could smell the smoke. The principal was at the bottom of the steps yelling at us to hurry up! Everyone was fine! Those drills are important!



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