Wanna Be the Coolest Teacher EVER!? {Just add shaving cream}

I saw a post on Lesson Plan SOS about one of the gals having students write on their desks with their dry erase markers. I wasn’t ready to believe it would really erase well {and I hate dirty desks}, but as we were pulling apart cotton balls making clouds, I needed a quick way to name them before they blew off the desks in a frenzy of kids lining up for lunch.
So…get out your board makers
Now they are pretty trained, so they dragged out their boards too
Nope you don’t need them…huh?
Now do not EVER tell anyone what we are doing…we are going to write on our desks!
OMIGOSH…won’t we get into trouble…will you get in big trouble…
what if the custodian tells the principal!!
{I love innocence}

Let me tell you…these kids would throw me under the bus!
when we lined up for lunch 5 minutes later I saw one little gal had written “Mrs. Lamb told me to do this”, at the bottom of her desk!Sheesh!

Well it all came off with a little shaving cream! I had a stockpile from our cursive writing practice at the end of last year, so I broke it out, squirted massive piles on each desk and let them at it.
After each one had shaving cream, we did our math lesson in it. It was great. We are drawing diagonals and what discussing the shapes that are created going corner to corner or midpoint to midpoint. Needless to say, they think they officially have the best teacher ever!


In other news
Yesterday a local meteorologist visited and I can’t remember the last time I learned so much! It was wonderful and we got on Facebook! Always a little plus.


How a tornado forms demo!

We like to give guests little gifts! All 90 kids drew weather symbols to add to the planter.


Thank you John Wendel from News 36!

Happy Seuss Day tomorrow!


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