little tree

i admit, i like not using capital letters and inconsistent punctuation

today we read e.e.cunnings little tree poem

i told them his style was all lower case      extra spaces

and zilch when it comes to punctuating

and they could imitate his style today too! {insert eruption of unnecessary hoots and hollers here}

i had never seen little tree in book form before, but my teammie has it-though with her maiden name so i  am not sure is mass published anymore, though it is on amazon

but she created an awesome file to celebrate the sweet tenderness of little tree for us! {sorry for the streaky pics-who knows!}

first they brainstormed nouns, verbs, and adjectives about their chosen holiday object
then they used a template to write their poem
then i printed the file’s template onto holiday paper-you'd’ve {like that word} thought it was gold they way they reacted to pretty paper

i love these two
the first one is so sweet
i love the line “hug you safe and tight as your sister would” the rest of us put mom here, even me!
the second one is just fun. i love that he completely forwent the capitals and compares the little boy to a bunny-he’s a cool kid!

begin capitalizing here b/c Live Writer keeps correcting my I’s!

We also finished up the Grinch! Hallelujah!
After we moved our stickies around from yesterday, they had to transfer the info to a double bubble {I’ll share it tomorrow as a freebie on TpT-I saved it at school} and it will not have mysterious boxes printed on it either!

Here’s a few good ones!


and just what have Elfie and Sally been up too-well trying to keep the kiddos from sharpening pencils all day is what!
and tomorrow the kids will arrive to a blizzard of Hershey Kisses and M&Ms all over their desks-and don’t for get the sweet sign they are holding that says Enjoy Our Droppings! hahahaha



  1. how cute is this?? I love e e cummings. sounds like a great lesson :)

  2. Your elves are too cute. Mine had a birthday today...I love those silly elves.
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