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I am in no way organized…I have most people fooled. One’s the admin, so that’s good! Since I do not have access to my room to snap pictures, so here are some things I am implementing BEFORE this year is UP! Hold me to that!!

Love this for my desk! I did the whole make a dish rack a file box, but honestly the files fall over. So I snagged one of these from the records room! To be continued. My favorite part is the calendar on the front!

on the home front, I want to do this!!

Thank you Erica! I keep original boxes for now, but I love these!! Summer project anyone!? because as some of you know, we are not living at our home. It is for sale and we didn’t want the hassle of keeping three boys’ toys cleaned up! So we are staying at my grandparents empty home. I am so tired of it for many reasons, but one is that we have no room!


this is the state of my life right now! Almost all our belongings in a garage that I cannot park in! I am spoiled. I do not like having to defrost my windshield in the morning!! in the back there-all my own Christmas stuff…I didn’t even dig it out except for a box of ornaments and stockings. And why are there 5 bikes for three kids!

Now On to a few places I have organized!

speaking of kids, I actually do not save every piece of art and school work. I know, I know, mean ol’ mommy. I just don’t have space. But our middle loves to doodle and write. So for Christmas I bought him what any real author uses-a moleskin notebook! I got the large unlined LEGO edition. This way I can keep all his amazingness in one place! We have toted it everywhere!


Our library

photo 3 (2)[4]

I think you just have to have an organized place to look for books. I remember when all my books where turned sideways with only the spines showing. It was like looking for a book in B&N in their picture book section. I HATE it! So I have ALL my books in baskets by genre and all their book choices in book boxes.

now these are my book boxes. Not at any point to I regret buying these! I’ve only had one crack in 4 years! Do you see this pile of books stacked up at the bottom? It is still there and this picture was posted on my blog August 14

However, I do love my class library. All fiction books are in blue baskets, NF in candy apple red {not red}, and chapter books in green. I do not go to great lengths to label them. I use those little garage sale dot stickers from the Dollar Tree! I stick on a green, blue, or red dot and write the number of the basket that will be it’s home!

Now you will also see some labels have fallen off. I bought Kristen's labels a long time few months ago and I am still needing to print them!! I need a big push and some ink!

and I use Medium Sterilite stacking baskets

Words Their Way


this is my handy dandy WTW notebook. It’s a four part folder I found at the Dollar Tree. Each inner folder is a different group. I write their names on a sticky note and have 3-4 weeks of sorts copied and placed in the folder. I had to do this to keep up! In fact, if I do not have new words on their desks on Monday, they all get a point on Class Dojo {this also happens if I do not put a place for the name on a paper-they think I make everything so you all better start remembering that too!}

Student mailboxes

another area I love are my student mailboxes. I actually do not have a picture of them anywhere! But I just have those cardboard ones from Really Good Stuff. I plan on covering them in some snazzy shelf liner I just found at TJ Maxx soon! Now I once assumed every teacher assigned their students numbers, but I guess not. If you don’t, RUN and DO IT! It just saves so much time. And I never have to relabel cubbies, book boxes, mailboxes, ever!

Student Supplies

and just one more must be organized area-supplies!!! On our supply list {suggested that is} we ask for about double of everything. 2 packs of yellow pencils, 10 glue sticks, etc. I pass out a few pencils, a glue stick, an EXPO, and hoard the rest. Not really, but they do have to have permission to get certain things like glue and board markers because they get lazy and get new ones rather than put their hands in the depths of Hell they call a desk!

Here’s where I organize supplies (another non-pictured area I guess! But I use the 9 cube shelf from target and the precious plastic baskets that are $2.50 in the Dollar Spot each summer. I do not like the fabric bins because they collapse and get really dirty!


  1. My whole house looks like that garage! Calgon...take me away!!!!!! lol
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I'm with you, Jennifer. (above) I need to organize too. I have too much stuff/junk!!
    susan in nc


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