double double, toil and trouble

so excited about a little idea that popped into my mind two nights ago! We always finish up our matter unit around Halloween. What perfect timing for a little potion making! SO my first thought was sorting ingredients onto a witch’s shelves. Super cute, but I wanted something more after I made that.

Potions! I mean I really coulda used some mimosas magic potion today! Oh, I was foul today. It’s the whole idea that my second graders still cannot sit for more than two minutes without talking that’s getting me. Tests, lessons, speakers, anything in front of them-they talk…..argh. The dojo was working overtime today! If you have any tricks-please tell me!! I think I’m going to pick up a few exercise balls for some little hineys at Wal-Mart this weeked!

I digress…back to Matter!


oh, it’s so stinkin cute! Not to mention actually curriculum driven too.

sb_15       sb_16


and I also got that request for a Room on the Broom craft posted. Pick up this freebie here.

speaking of, my first dragon was, dare I say, cow looking! SO says my Middle Lamb! Mr. Lamb helped me work out the kinks and I’m happy with it now! that first one is pretty cowish!


Happy Half-way to Friday Day!

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  1. I love this! Perfect for this time of year, and for kids!!

    I BOOed you over at my blog! Come check it out!

    The Gypsy Teacher


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