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Sorry about the lack of Words Their Way/Spelling posts. I just returned from my 2 day workshop with THE Fountas and Pinnell. That’s Irene and Gay if you’re tight like us…

I wanted to link up with sweet Amy and tell you about a few of my many quirks. I have a ABOUT page…look up…in my favorite 25 things you didn’t know from US Weekly style, so I will try not to repeat too much.


1. I eat my bananas by taking one bite, then using my finger to split it into thirds right down the middle. I had a childhood friend who did this and it just stuck. And that’s not me in the pic above. I almost took a picture of doing it, but I’m sitting at my kids’ martial arts class so…


2. I love all things Oz. I mean all things. These are my 3 favorite characters-in order. If you’ve read Wicked, you’ll understand. I often feel like Miss Understood, too!

SF 077

3. I was once locked up in the pen. Okay-it was Alcatraz!

SF 191  DSC01287

4. I love to try to reenact scenes from movies or tv. Here is my best DJ Tanner from Full House in SF and Married with Children at the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago.

5. As you can see above, Mr. Lamb is tall. Or is Mrs. Lamb short? BOTH! He’s got 14” on me! Just like Jennifer’s hubby, too! I’m a whopping 5’1” and he’s only 6’3”


6. I {love} my little sis. She’s 5 years younger and had a lot of health issues when she was born. I colored pictures for her hospital room Then she grew up and I did not like her so much. I mean what Senior likes their 13 year old sis? But now I consider her my bestie. I always try to convince our boys they will be best friends when they grown up. But I guess that’s something you just gotta learn for yourself. and yes, I’d been drinking in that picture…at Wicked! Cut me some slack. I’d just found out I was being put in 2nd grade after 8 years in 4th. I was so sad…now I’m so glad!!

7. We were married at the courthouse. Mr. Lamb left work and I was between 2 classes in college. Our siblings met us there and we then went back to our day! Crazy! It was the best idea ever! I suggest to anyone! I don’t think I could have stood in front of lots of people.

8. I know the words to exactly two songs: Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You and Snoop Dogg’s Lottie Dottie

9. I’ve been to quite an potpourri of concerts in my life. I prefer 90’s Alternative to anything else in the world. I think because I listened to it during my “formative” middle school years.

Here they are…don’t judge

Meatloaf and Cheap Trick. this was my first concert ever-I went with my parents

Brandy, Baby Face and Boyz 2 Men-middle school

Marilyn Manson-high school

Collective Soul-high school

Dave Matthews {probably the worst concert I’ve ever been to} He didn’t look like he wanted to be there-high school

Goo Goo Dolls {lead singer was practically too drunk to make any sense} Bush and No Doubt pre-Rosdale wedded bliss-high school

Alice in Chains with new singer who truly sounds the SAME-2007

and next up! My Madonna-thins were not spent in vain! November 18 in Charlotte!!! My sis got tickets from her beau and I’m the plus 1. She had best play some Papa Don’t Preach, Vogue, and Open Your Heart!

As you can see, Charlotte, NC has a lot to offer! I Also went to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Weenie Roasts which were basically huge outdoor concerts with big name bands hosted by a local rock station. They were pretty awesome til dumb teenagers started getting hurt and hurting others. I never went back after having babes. But here’s those lineups!

Weenie Roast 1996
September 14, 1996
Blockbuster Pavillion
Spacehog, The Nixons, Self, Lustre, Stabbing Westward, The Verve Pipe, for squirrels, Super 8 Local bands: Major Nelson, Laburnum, Loadstar, Magpies, Hazel Virtue, Running from Anna, Violet Strange, Muscadine, Sugarsmack, Mary Sunshine, Doubting Thomas, Brian Keenan, John O'Gorman

Weenie Roast 1997
September 13, 1997
Blockbuster Pavillion
Hosted by special guest Larry Bud Melman
Faith No More, The Nixons, 7Mary3, Goldfinger, K's Choice, Bloodhound Gang, Gravity Kills, Cowboy Mouth, Kara's Flowers, Leah Andreone, Our Lady Peace, Maypole, Athenaeum

Weenie Roast 1998
September 5, 1998
Blockbuster Pavillion
Creed, Better Than Ezra, Dishwalla, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Athenaeum, Everything, Jolene, Far Too Jones
Read more:

10. I hate odd numbers. Thus here’s number 10!

I’ll leave you pondering what kind of person I really am after listing those concerts! And as Mr.Lamb tunes his guitar to Flo Rida’s Whistle!


  1. Loved reading about you! Your reenactments are fun.

  2. I used to go to concerts all of the time... I miss it. I managed to see Green Day 5 times and I'm not even a HUGE Green Day fan. It just worked out that way. I'd love to see Madonna. You are going to have a sweet time!

  3. I wanted to go to a Marlin Manson concert in high school sooo bad. It wouldn't have ben weird though, I probably would have stuck out like a sore thumb!
    Adventures in Room 5

    1. We did stick out like a sore thumb! But the people around us were awesome and some even traded seats so we could see better

  4. Oh no! I love DMB!! My husband and I, and all our friends, try to go to a concert every year!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  5. I'm with Teri! DMB has been my favorite band since 1996! I've never heard one of their concerts to be bad much less the worse someone has ever saw! I'm sad you got stuck on a crummy night :(. I too love of my favorite things in the world to do is go see a show!


    1. everyone says that their concerts are the best. But it was just not happening back on that September day in Winston Salem NC! Oh well!

  6. I loved Boyz 2 Men as well!! We even went to see them again a few years ago! :) I did NOT know you got tickets to the Madonna show....maybe we will run into each other!! I am sooooooooo excited about that one! :)

    Teaching Maddeness

  7. My sister and I are now best friends too! I also don't know the words to many songs. I too moved from 4th to 2nd. And I also wasn't so happy at first, but now I love it! And I've been known to use a paper clip in my hair to hold it back (from your other post)! Enjoyed your post!

  8. LOL! You're quite the music buff! Your post was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Dwyer’s A+ Firsties

  9. I am your newest follower. I LOVE lottie dottie!!! In college, we listened to it nonstop while playing dr mario. Yeah, we were cool- considering it was years after snoop released that song!!! Lol

  10. I love, love all the bands you mentioned!! When I lived in Miami, I went to Weenie Roasts ALL the time! I got to see amazing bands, all in one place. I miss those days. I saw Manson in concert once and he was a great performer!!! I stuck out like a sore thumb too, my boyfriend and I usually did, but it was always worth it and awesome!! Pearl Jam, DMB, STP, ahhhhhh!! Im getting my IPOD. I love Madonna! and Boyz II Men! :)

    1. STP and Smashing Pumpkins, are my dream concerts!


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