Whole brain teaching series #2 Score!

Sorry-no post last night. I feel a tad under the weather plus back to back ballgames makes for a tired teacher mom. But, I will give you a freebie to make up for it!

ok, scoreboard. After teaching the rules, this also starts week 1 in my classroom. Scoreboard is your first motivator. The premise is that all students work together towards a goal {beating YOU on scoreboard}. I have a list of rewards that we randomly draw from each day {as the year winds along, it becomes each week-like April and May}. I really just type a list with the kids, cut it up, and put in a little container on my round table. Every thing is a big deal to 7 year olds, even who gets to pick the slip of paper out!

some ideas I use: half homework page, 2 minute dance party {a fav}, watch a youtube video {usually Thriller this year}, extra 5 mins of recess, sit where you want at lunch, sock feet, puzzles at end of day, a funny Mrs. Lamb as a kid story, an embarrassing Mrs. Lamb’s sister story, a Mr. Lamb story, etc. These are not BIG rewards.

Here is a b-e-a-u=tiful diagram of my front whiteboard. Off topic, this will become my back board this year. I never write on whiteboard and this will be my word wall.


you like this don’t you! And yes, I DO use My Melody and Kuromi on my scoreboard. And it’s even blocked off with Hello Kitty Duck tape. The boys think it’s cool, too. By the end of the year we used Angry Birds and a Pig. As you can see, it’s nothing spectacular. However, my sock monkeys will be!!! You can also see my behavior chart under the apple tree. This will be replaced by the clip chart. More on that tomorrow.


ok, back to business. In the beginning, the whole class is in on this behavior thing together. That’s probably the hardest part for teachers and parents. There is not a punishment, there is just not a reward for losing in scoreboard. The kids also need to WIN in the beginning or they won’t buy into it. There really shouldn’t be more of a 3 point margin ever.

How to get points: when someone follows a rule, has a great answer, says something sweet. quickly gets to work, one point for every table that’s on the right page, etc.
How YOU {the teacher"} get points-just the opposite of how they do. blurting, rule forgetting, too loud in hall/line/etc.
the great thing is-nothing is set in stone. If they bother me, I get a point! Easy! Just remember, they are not LOSING a point, you are just GETTING one. That’s why it’s a motivator.

Now here is a great, no other way to learn about it, video with Chris Biffle teaching college students about wbt. At 1:30 ish in the video is scoreboard. Watch it! You’ll watch the whole thing, you can’t help it, but pay special attention here.


Here are some GREAT variations on scoreboard from WBT

tomorrow are the practice cards! plus how to use them with the clip chart. exciting!

oh yea, here’s that freebie! A place to STACHE their stuff!



  1. I'll admit it, you've really got me thinking about this whole brain thing. I think I'm at least going to implement the rules and the class/yes thing this year.

  2. I am trying the rules in my class too. I can't wait to see how it works.


  3. Thank you for this!! This is something I really want to start doing next year with my class. I can't wait to see what other ideas you have on this topic. Did you think it was hard to teach? How did you start??


    The Hive

  4. thank you so much for doing this and explaining it all. I can't wait to learn more!!

    A Passion For Primary


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