Just Go With the Flow {Map}

I could not help myself. As I was thinking about Dr. Seuss and this literacy file, I realized some people may need just the sheets, minus the centers…like me! My students and centers are just not conducive this year.
We do much of our learning whole group.
You know some years are just like that…
But oh well.
Soooo, I made a pack of reading response sheets solely centered around Seuss! They are freakin’ precious! I love this clipart!
This file has over 30 Thinking Maps and graphic organizers to use all year long! Not just in March!
I also included ALL the sheets {minus the center directions} from the literacy pack. So if you were holding out-wait no more! Each map has a way to use it in the classroom and a blank version, too-except the ol’ stinkin bridge map! I don’t get a long with that thing!
I told you I had too much time on my hands sitting at home! I am also working on adding all this stuff to my much neglected Teacher’s Notebook store-I just do not like the uploading process as much over there, but I will get it!


  1. The clipart is soo cute! This packet looks great! :)

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I am new to the world of blogging and to making products for TPT. I love your blog and am now a follower. I would love if you checked out my blog. Would you mind telling me how you make your preview page with all the different pages? I have no idea how to do this!



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