Pay day, a little Target shopping, and a freebie

Finally payday; and that long awaited trip to Target was on! We first made a stop by Michael's to get a few supplies for a gift for each of my teammates. I’ll be mod-podged later on! Also found some rainbow ombre colored poster board! woo-hoo!
At Target I picked up a tub for my big books that came with our Reading Street series. I had to make a little signage too. Inspired by a Pinterest…shared with you!
Big Books Sign

100 followers and a freebie!

I finally printed out all my goodies from the Lesson Plan SOS ladies for guided reading. I was simply raptured by how easy they explain everything and lay it right out! Those files are a goldmine if you don't already have them-go scoop em up on TpT! I change how I do reading groups each year because I am never satisfied, but I am always willing to adapt and remain flexible!
That said-I had to redo the reading group posters to match my "scheme"-I don't stick to a theme, more a color scheme! I am sharing these and several examples of how I would set them up. I don't know my kiddos yet so obviously I don't know how many groups. Last year I only had 4, and that's my plan again. I also can't decide between Harry Potter names or travel sites (you'll see what I mean...). Hope you can adapt and enjoy!

Guided Reading Groups Poster
My favorite idea was putting their little faces on the reading groups poster and writing the title of their current book on a sticky. Such a good display!
Just fyi-alphabet and cliaprt from lettering delights, fonts from kevin and amanda! I always wanna know that stuff! =)

Opps! I did it again

Sometimes I get a little ahead of myself. What I mean is I get excited and act impulsively. This is evident in my buyer’s remorse I feel almost daily after trips to Target and Dollar Tree! Here’s my latest example. Darn that Vistaprint and their freebie items…I just get going and can’t slow down!



Of course, a little white-out can fix this one and no one at school even knows their room number so I think I will survive. Sadly, I clicked that darn little YES I SWEAR I looked and checked this document….oh well!

On a happier note, my brochures are again impeccable! This is definitely worth the upload fee and every now and again you get free uploads. And this lawn sign will be awesome hanging over the guided reading area!





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