Thankful for the Honesty of Second Graders!

So is it me or will 7 year olds tell you anything and everything! One of my teammies tells her parents she will believe about half of what the kids say about them if they believe about half of what the kids tell them about her! Love it.
Yesterday we were hitting the ground running and working on Lesson Plan SOS's perspective lesson. They were really doing a great job telling me about what mom and dad feel about the upcoming holiday when one of my sweeties tells the class her dad would say "I love Thanksgiving because I get to watch football with friends and do shots!" baahahaha. Lord you gotta live em!
We read Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving to gain some perspective on turkey thoughts about tomorrow, but I forgot to take a picture. Here are a few highlights of the past few days in Room 205: Pumpkin pie in a bag snazzy snacks, pattern block turkeys, a little pic of our vet that's a little late, and great stuff for the 50th day of school! I hope you all enjoy your time with the fam and relax! Happy Thanksgiving!!
{again-I need you to read upside down!}
{My temmate's fifties Venn}
{My teammies Nifty Fifty Math Facts}
{finished Pumpkin Snazzy Snack-she ain't pretty but it was a hoot to watch the ones who didn't like it!}
{The doll on the right wrote a play to share with the class and performed-her friend used paper as sound effects for the tumultuous ocean!}
{Our Fifties Venn}
{you gotta read what my neighbor's kiddos thought about the year 2050!}

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