Rethinking Poetry

This past year I began...keyword began...keeping Poetry Notebooks. As a class we read aloud the weekly poem a few times, partner read, shared, discussed, and eventually glued it in and illustrated each stanza.
Now there were a few things I felt went well...first off the visualizing that went on and was discussed was great! And second, they knew what a stanza was. Well, not much to brag about.
This year I plan to continue weekly poems, but I want to add more depth to how we interact with poetry. I have come a long way from simply reading poetry during a unit in April like I did in 4th grade, but I am still not satisfied. I recently purchased Month-by-Month Pocket Charts from Amazon. I love the lesson ideas, but the poems are not my style. I personally love Giggle  Poetry for finding poems to share! Kenn Nesbitt is a riot! My kiddos loved his poetry!
I would LOVE to hear what others are doing with poetry! Please leave a comment!

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