five for friday {september 27}

iiiiiittttt's Friday! and I need to be posting more, but boy do I forget how hard it is in the beginning of the year! So I'm linking up with Kacey again for five for friday!

It's been an up and down week to say the least.
but I'm still loving this class so it's all good!

today we made our first snazzy snack. My teammie found this recipe for granola apple moons online. It may be the best snack we've made in 4 years! So good! You cannot go wrong with apples, PB, and chocolate-even if it has granola on it! and our rule is to make the snack, you write the recipe. We make a recipe book for the end of the year to send home full of snacks they can make on their own during summer break. You can get my recipe book here.

My package from Old Navy came in the you see a trend!

This was Tuesday night's dinner...cake and beer...true story. Tuesday was bad...not with the kiddos, but just not good...

Our entire district's server went down over the weekend. Now they may not be a big deal to some, but that means no access to your files. No downloading from TpT because the virus scan is on the server, too. ugh. 
But to Plan B, we needed some extra measurement practice {we only intro how to find "partners" in line segments right now} so I had them measure books in a book order. I typed up a quick recording sheet during read to self, printed, and away we went! Unfortunately, I couldn't save it but I will post it free soon. 

I love seeing my work in others' rooms...especially when they are like teacher all-stars! Jen asked a few weeks ago if she could use my genre posters in a new file. Um...yes! Here's a sneak peek!

Happy Friday!


  1. Those posters are all over my wall! <3 them:) Happy Friday my friend:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  2. I love what Jen Jones' did with your posters! I love those posters & can't wait to hang them in my room! Your dinner looks perfectly acceptable. Nothing a little Tums won't take care of the next day! Love all your new shirts! Have a fab weekend, Rachel!

    Lucky to Be in First


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