September Swap and Share with Gina's Brain Boosters!

I've teamed up with a bangin' group to swap products and share how we used them! I was hooked up with Gina from Beach Sand and Lesson Plans...jealous as all get out of her locale by the way.
And I chose her brain boosters.
click the pictures to see the products 
I love this idea! They are setup in a way I really like. I love reading DK books with facts and text features all over the place. Well, these are kinda like that!
I have used a few for indoor recess. Since they are for higher level, upper grade kiddos, I had to choose a few that I thought they could understand.
SO the point is to read and follow the directions, but they have to think. This actually got my kids! They are still learning to think for themselves. What does this mean? Do I have to describe it? How? ladidada...But I told them no one could turn it in before a certain time and they did it! I was so proud!

These would be perfect for early finishers fyi! And any level from 2-6th grade!
But here are a few that made me giggle...
at the top of this one they had to make these letters into people

I'd be scared of bees if I were a plant!

And my favorite! That is one scared plant!
So go and check out all the other swaps going on below! I'm sure you will find lots of goodies!

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