Jen Jones, Laura Candler, and me...?

ok, right before summer I got an email from Laura Candler...THE Laura Candler, about presenting at North Carolina's Elementary School Conference...I die!

Obviously I jumped at the chance before even thinking about, you know, what would I even present!
But good thing NC bloggers are amazing!
I was super lucky to team up with Deana Kahlenberg from Primary Punch AND Kayla Eaton from Primary Junction! Woot! They are both so super sweet and talented!
and if that's not enough...I will get to finally meet Jen Jones and Laura Candler, too! Not to mention see some of these amazing ladies' sessions!
Can I tell you how excited I am!

  • Teacher Blog Boot Camp - Presented by Jennifer Jones of Hello Literacy and Laura Candler of Teaching Resources -In this boot camp training session, you’ll discover the basics of starting a teacher blog and customizing it with unique fonts and design elements.
  • DIY: Creating Terrific Teacher Resources - Presented by Deana Kahlenberg of Primary Punch and Rachel Lamb (me!), The Tattooed Teacher - Are you interested in creating products for your classroom and beyond? Join NC Bloggers to learn the tricks of the trade.
  • Cracking the Code: QR Codes in the Classroom - Presented by Kayla Eaton of Primary Junction  - Discover how Quick Response (QR) Codes can engage and excite students and parents, promote independent learning, and serve as a communication tool. 
  • The Missing Puzzle Piece: Connecting Parents To The Common Core - Kayla Eaton of Primary Junction and Rachel Lamb (me!),The Tattooed Teacher - Learn effective strategies to increase parent involvement and help parents develop a better understanding of Common Core Standards and what is expected of their students. 
  • The Perfect Blend: Mixing Traditional Teaching with Technology - Presented by Heather Kaiser, the Teched Out Teacher. - This session will help you discover strategies to use new technology to change the way you teach and your students learn. 
  • Taming the Math Fact Monster - Presented by Laura Candler of Teaching Resources -  Is the Math Fact Monster in your classroom gobbling up instructional time as your students struggle to recall basic multiplication facts?  Attend this session to learn strategies for taming that Math Fact Monster!

Check out Laura's post for even more info!
And if you are anywhere near NC, we'd love to meet y'all too!


  1. Rachel...thanks for spreading the conference word! I need to do this too! Can't wait to meet everybody, too! Laura is amazing and so down to earth! Super smart, too! I will only be there Sunday. See you soon! Jen

  2. Lucky you! What an amazing opportunity. This conference sounds so cool. Just ask principal!

  3. Thanks for posting this! I cracked up when reading about THE Laura Candler! Too funny! I'm looking forward to meeting you, too, and I'm very excited about the conference.

  4. I'm looking forward to meeting you and presenting with you! It should be a great time!

  5. How exciting, Rachel! Can't wait to read all about it!


  6. Rachel this is so exciting! I wish I lived closer!

  7. I just got approval on Friday to come to the conference and I am planning on attending your session on DIY! Yay! Cannot wait. :)


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