best and brightest of 2012

I’m linking up with Christina to share the best and brightest moment of 2012 {blog edition!}


favorite posts

well, my favorite post may not be my most viewed. But I think my favorite post would be “What?! I’m a no-reply blogger!” See, I had no idea until Amanda told me that when you clicked my name on a comment, it went nowhere. Most people’s will bring up an email…but not me! So I did some digging. I changed everything I was supposed to. Nothing-still a seemingly anonymous blogger without meaning to be. I’m all out there-no anonymity here! Turns out Blogger and Google+ have some twisted relationship. Anyhow-you can read the post to see! I just love that it has helped so many people and still is {and not just teachers read it}

My most popular post was part of my series on Words Their Way. This one was how it is all organized and I had a sweet sweet blogger help me out on this one! Thanks Heidi!

favorite products

I really wanted to take a page from bloggy bud Ginger and only post about and sell files I USE! It may seem crazy, but you can tell if a seller has actually tested out a file sometimes. And I am guilty too. But everything I posted this past year is something I actually use or have used.

I’d say my favorite is also my cheapest. I use the heck out of it! What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’ recipe book. Each month my teammie and I break out the real fun and make snacks with 7 year olds. We had always used some forms we found online, but I finally made some just for us. I love how they look! In fact, I’ll be adding a few we changed up this year. It’s just the forms without recipes so you can use them for whatever. and it’s only $1


My favorite freebie would be One Word, teaching little ones about 9-11. As strange as it may seem, I love discussing this tragedy with my students. Most if not all have never heard about it. It is such a serious day and I don’t get that too often.


favorite fellow bloggers from the year

I have lots of favs, but a few I look forward to their products and posts like a crazed lady.

most inspiring-I truly own everything in Amy’s store. I love her because she’s too good to be true! Know what I mean!? Her posts are always full of pictures and ideas and still lots of freebies too.

Jen Jones is also just too good to be true. Everything she puts out there is completely professional grade!

most helpful-I have “known” Amanda for years-well since I fist discovered Teacher’s Clubhouse my summer before starting to teach 2nd grade. I truly could not have made it without her website and products. I had no clue!

most kindred spirit-If there is any blogger that is most like myself-it is hands down Ginger! We met at the Carolina girls meet up this September. It was like gossiping with myself! We share a true sense of sarcasm I do not often find in a lot of teachers. This may be why my circle of friends is quite tight! My sense of humor often mystifies people in my profession. I mean, not everyone appreciates a good dig!

ok, I didn’t mean for 3 out of 4 of these blogger to be from the Carolinas-just how it works around here. We stick together! There are of course many, many more. I love my secret FB friends. Such a true outlet! I {puffy heart} reading the teeny tiny teacher, farley, kristen at lady bug’s teacher files, and I love getting sweet comments from Kate and Teri {not to mention leaving comments for them too!}


  1. Your Words Their Way series helped me tremendously when I was getting started. I appreciate your blogger sarcasm and bet it's even more fun in non-blogging life! Thank you for the shout out, too! I always enjoy stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your break!

    EduKate and Inspire

  2. Thanks for linking up! I've been doing free "Snazzy Snack" EVERYTHINGs on my website for years and was just thinking about sprucing them up and adding them to TpT... don't want to step on your toes... so let me know what you think!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*


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