september 12th

I love reading September 12 aloud to the kids. Oh! We also got to Fireboat today! Another fav.

I wanted to share what we’ve done to recognize Patriot Day so far. They’ve I’ve been a little slack busy doing all sorts of wonderful things that we don’t seem to finish the task at hand! But I tend to rush things sometimes, so it’s all good.

first off, I ended up not doing my Twin Tower collage. When I was going through all of Nikki’s patriotic clipart, I fell in love with her USA word collage. I copied it! SHhh! I did confess to my grade level since they watched me hold the picture while I transferred it!

USA boxed wordie colored
clipart created by Melonheadz Illustrations


I loved it so much, I forgot to add the border! oh well! We also used part of Michaela’s Everyday Heroes craftivity. {I can really stretch this file out! Here’s comes Veteran’s Day and Fire Prevention week!} So precious! The kids LOVED the mustaches! We are working on identifying and writing complete sentences {thanks to Amy} and will transfer from the Venn to paper on Friday.

working on complete or incomplete sort in groups-we can sure make a mess!

the hero faces are finished-swoon…

superheroes vs. everyday heroes Venn

I also came upon a new-to-me book called 14 Cows for America. I went to B&N to buy it, saw it was $20, and asked them to just keep it. I’ve got to quit buying hardcover! THEN we were exchanging our books in the media center Monday morning and I saw a copy on the shelf! It was meant to be! And even though when I flipped through it at B&N it looked a little dry-it was wonderful! You’ve got to check this true story out!

Well, now I am gearing up for Constitution Day {It’s required we teach it on the 17th. Is this everywhere?} That’s a pretty difficult area to work with, but I guess if I can get them to understand even a little iota of 9/11, I can teach some Constitution!

AND I am SUPER EXCITED about the Carolina blogger meetup this Saturday. My teammie said I need to get autographs! Seriously! hotel booked. Mr. Lamb on board. can.not.wait!



  1. That book is so sweet, always makes me teary eyed! I don't have my own copy-- I just looked on Amazon, it's expensive! Yikes!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Are you staying Friday night or Saturday? We got a room for Saturday night if you are going to be in town we can all go out!! =) Can't wait to meet you!

  3. I went to the public library yesterday and was excited to find a kid-friendly book for Constitution Day! The title is We The Kids by David Catrow. Hope this is helpful! :)

  4. Enjoyed meeting you yesterday - was already a follower of your blog and love it!
    Simple In Second


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