Proud New Parents!

This week we are the proud papas and mamas of literally over a 100 baby mealworms!!
They are part of our study of insect life cycles and it's quite amazing being able to have the go through a complete metamorphosis before your eyes.
Does anyone else care for mealworms or silkworms? We do chicks in the spring too and I am about pumped up for that! It's the greatest time ever!


  1. seems like your kids were really into it! how fun!

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    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. Where do you get the mealworms from? I remember doing that when I was in grade school and think it'd be fun to do something like this with my 2nd graders.

  3. I have done silkworms several times and the neat thing about it is that once you have the silkworm eggs, you can do it every year with no additional cost. All you need is a mulberry tree. The kids love it.

  4. We get the mealworms through our science kits from FOSS. Our county provides them. We also get butterflies (we opted to get those in spring so we can release) and we have milkweed eggs and nymphs. Fun stuff!

  5. Hi! I do LOVE your blog, thank you so much for sharing all that you do. I am about to start my mealworm and butterfly unit this week. It looks like you have a small science journal that your kids were filling out, is that for sale in your store? I would love to switch things up a bit with my science journal, I am a bit bored with it but I am not sure what to do. If you have anything to share I would appreciate it a ton!
    Maureen (also a 2nd grade teacher)

  6. @MaureenJo-I will be posting it tonite. I added a few things to the pack. I will be happy to send you one for free! I would also love to know what more you might want included since you would be using it now.

  7. Rachel,
    Thanks so much! I would love to see what you have, then maybe I could think up something to add?! Right now mine is just so basic, I just need to spice thing up a bit!
    Thanks so much!

  8. @Maureen-email me at rachel.lamb81 AT so I can send it when it's gets finished!

  9. I do mealworms and chicks too! The mealworms are fabulous and you can force them into metamorphosis (no light or food-black film canisters are the bomb for this). The small mealworms will change into beetles in 10 days. I have found that the smaller the worm the faster the change. It is so cool and a great tool for teaching prediction and observation.
    As for the chicks, we hatched them during our Fall life cycles unit. I have some posts on my blog about it (candling pictures too). The candling was AWESOME! Have tons of fun!

    Bug hugs,
    The Land of Glitter

  10. I purchased your Mealworms unit a while back and picked up some mealworms at the local pet store today! They were in the fridge and only a few are moving around so far, hoping the rest do. I had some questions for you. The unit looks amazing and I copied your idea of having a cup for each child with their mealworms. What do they need to do to keep up with their little habitat? Do they need to give the mealworm food/drink or change the bedding? How long does it seem to take the larger mealworms to change to beetles? Thanks for making such an amazing unit!


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