Four Holidays and the Grinch in one Week!

Yes indeedy! This week our 2nd graders will learn about Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Las Posadas as we connect and compare these holidays of lights. Not to mention, my class is having Grinch Day Friday and performing a readers theatre for the first grade and our parents!
I know most people tend to cover Christmas Around the World, but with Kinders and firsties, then third graders doing this-we decided to go a different route!
Last year was our experimental year with this project. Collaborating with our media specialist, we made powerpoints for all the wintertime holidays we could think of…this included the above PLUS Diwali, Hmong New Year {we have a large Hmong population}, and Three King’s Day, too! Whew! Each station {table with a laptop} also had traditional d├ęcor and colors.
This year, we whittled it down to these 4 that seem more connected through the symbol of lights. I can’t wait to use the new passport I created as a note taking booklet! I purchased little scrapbooking stickers to use as stamps as they visit each station in the library. Soooo, I will have small groups visit the table, watch the powerpoint, then fill out the passport together.

click picture to purchase just the scrapbook minus the powerpoints

At the end of the week we will bring it all together as a class in some way. I am thinking a handprint to create a symbol for each holiday {tree for Christmas, menorah, kinara, and a poinsettia.}…
I will be sharing lots of pictures this week as we read, write, craft, and EAT to learn!
Also-if you need some last minute stickers…never fear! I made some that print on address labels {3 per label for 27 total}
Download this freebie here!
A few notes, the book prints 2 per page-I redid a larger 1 per page one that I will update asap because…how many teachers does it take to make a book copy in order??? More than the 4 of use obviously!
If you have purchased the passport-redownload it!

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  1. I used to do this, too. But then a weird parent complained about Kwanzaa being something being an anti-white holiday in disguise. Such a bummer!
    2B Honey Bunch


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