Share Your Office Space!

this month we are joining forces to show off our office spaces! I hope you find some amazing ideas and I cannot wait to see your space!
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My Office
that's kind of a joke around here
because while this room is called my office
I only work in there during the summer!
The bed or the kitchen table are more times than not where I've plopped myself down with my trusty MacBook Pro, a McDonald's Diet Coke, and probably some potato chips!

Office utilized to full potential or not, I buy stuff for it all the time in the hopes I will use it more! And I know the hubs wishes I would! 
I started my gallery wall, I've added new gold desk accessories, and some lucite too!

rap lyric prints/desk (similar) /lamp/lamp shade/pencil cup/stapler/calendar/rhino letter sorter/cameo/

But let's get to what I really use daily in this office!

every day. 

I make a habit of walking into this room to use them, too!
And as to not mislead you in any way...

This is to my back from the desk
it's the landing zone for craft purchases as you can see

I painted our old coffee table from Pier 1. Hubs shuddered. 
But I like it and it was beat to hell! 
I added my Lilly tray and an old banana leaf from way's covered in dust!
We also inherited a lot of furniture when my dad moved into an assisted living home. 
This couch being one of them. 
a little note about this couch.
it's more than 100 years old
it smells like it's 100 years old
I was never allowed to sit on it when I was little
my porcelain doll collection was
a weird thing about my childhood home is that we did not have a living room where everyone sat and watch tv or anything. 
We have a formal living room with a crystal chandelier.
we watched tv in our own rooms
hubs says that's weird
I say leave me alone I'm trying to watch tv!
oh and the couch is the most uncomfy thing ever!

See that basket in the floor?
I fought for that baby 
#lillyfortarget anyone??
I finally found one in a facebook group!
and now it is holding trash
so there ya go

I also tried my hand at recovering my guided reading table chair last summer
it's still sitting here
and I lost the little knob to put the back back on!
oh well!
it is recovered
that's something!

here's the collection of canvases I've started
or pictured I've taken down
of old pictures with frames I'll be reusing
isn't that grasshopper cute!?
it's oldest Lamb's from 2nd grade
he turned 16 last week!
and a bunch of chevron I started for little Lamb's nursery
I painted everyone in the wrong direction!
and he's 6 now fyi!
but that's the beauty of paint! repaint!

I LOVE that star
it's actually a Christmas tree topper my mom's bestie gave us
love it
and that lamp was a target return that you can find on the aisle caps
so cheap!
always check those!

You'll also see a sewing table I found on the roadside in the hood
people around here get rid of a lot
hubs wishes I'd do the same and not bring their crap home!
the wood has come off a little on the front
but it is the perfect size for my printer
aka the rocketship
and the hideous plastic trash can fits underneath
and so does the laminator for now
I want to get some IKEA bookcases-
or the ones I bought for school-
and put in this room for all the tech
and other supplies that are really adding up!

So, do you wanna see some offices that will inspire?
and are probably 100x more organized and inspiring than mine!?

a special thanks to Schroeder Shenanigans and Lucky Little Learners for setting this up each month!
oh, and isn't it ironic that one of the rap lyric prints is from Office Space...ha!

and here's a code for 20% off my etsy shop for blog followers!
just enter at checkout!
it's good forever!

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  1. Oh good gracious. Can I just tell you how much I love reading your blog posts. I am sitting here cracking up and laughing out loud as I read through your post. I love EVERYTHING about it. Keep being you and keeping it all real. Will you be in Vegas this summer? I'd LOVE to meet you! Thanks again for linking up with us!

  2. Ahhhh I love how real and authentic this post and YOU are!!! That pile on the couch...yep. I've got one my closet! Thank you so very much for joining us in our linky party this month, Rachel!! I adore you and love reading your posts!!! :)

    Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd

  3. I love this! I had to hide my hideous trash can before I took the picture :) I need to check out that printer!!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  4. Oh the piles!!! My basement work bench looks very similar, but if I had those beautiful gold office supplies, I don't think I would be able to stare at anything else anyway! #nextpurchase! Thank you for sharing your beautiful space, Rachel!

    The Starr Spangled Planner


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