A Modern Teacher Planner Giveaway!

I am 100% sure you know April from A Modern Teacher makes fabulous planners, but did you know she now makes PERSONAL planners too! When April sent me the info on her new printed planners, I knew it was something I needed! So, perhaps you will agree with me!

I've bought my fair share of digital planners (four to be exact) and I can tell you that they are all still right on my laptop.
I don't have a personal printing press. I have a great laser printer for prints and school stuff, but in a planner I need a tough cover and great binding. I'm not a dainty gal. I lug stuff in a back and forth in a big ole' bag from home to school to the ballfield and back again every single day.
I need a cover that can withstand me! And this one's super sturdy!
Plus April's personal planners merge TEACHER LIFE and FAMILY LIFE! Yes!
I'm sure y'all are way more organized than I am; but if you keep notes in a lesson planner, a data notebook, on stickies, on the back of your kids' work, or the back of your hand, then maybe this is our answer!

And if you are not a fan of everything bright like the Rainbow Chalkboard design I chose, April has two other more subtle options: The Sunshine and The Black and White Dot!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing review!!!! You are SO creative!! Thank you for checking out the planner! I hope you get tons of use out of it and I hope your readers like it too! xoxo, April

  2. So excited for this giveaway! I have wanted to try this planner ever since I saw the sneak peek. Thanks for the opportunity to win! :) Merging my home and school calendar had always been a challenge.

  3. The more I come back to check this out - the more I think i NEED TO WIN THIS!!! I'd really love to try this planner!!

  4. This looks great! How do we find out if we won?


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