A Peek at my Week with Bats!

This is my first ever attempt at posting my plans! Just a warning that the links may or may not work...Macs are tricky like that! SO I'll link up everything at the end too!
and yes, you read that correctly, we are doing bats this week!
If you follow me on instagram, you saw we were still elbow deep in our pumpkins and I didn't want to rush it, so bats it is!

Remember to download these from Google Docs...that way the links to the products may work!

We use Math Expressions and the sequence is a little wonky. In between each unit is a mini unit on an upper grade skill. We will learn about parallel lines and connect this to quadrilaterals. I also teach the next big unit simultaneously. I have a tutor with me during math and ELA {yep, eat your heart out-she's a retired math teacher too!} so we can do minilessons and each of us can run a game in small groups. 

you can see I get a lot of help from my friends!
There is so much out there about bats, but I am focusing on characters and text features. I love Erica's text feature display!
Just click to view these products!

and one of my newest products is for Nightsong...Love, love, love this book! and it's a great intro to echolocation and sound waves!

in the afternoons we have this odd little time after block but before the bell, so we do centers then. Here's what we are using this week to reinforce our place value! I love some Jamie!

and our next big unit builds place value before we start regrouping. I have already used lots from Amy's pack, but now we are moving into the larger numbers.

and these two files are staples in our grade level. Each day starts with Early Bird books from Second Story Window. I love it's spiral sequence. We also use Jen Jones' Rainbow Words and Phrases. Our kids are tested each Friday with my tutor.

whew! well, that's it! Go and link up with DeeDee! 


  1. Love all the bats stuff! We did bats last week but these are definitely in my TO DO for next year :) Thanks!

    Mrs. Shipley
    Mrs. Shipley's Fabulous Firsties

  2. Yikes! You start school at 7:05? That's early! Your school day is also about an hour longer than ours....I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing! I could definitely use more teaching hours in the day.

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

    1. yep, kids come in at 7:05 and the bell rings at 2:25...it's too early!


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