five for friday...bulletin boards!

here's a little randomness from my week! I think I beat poor Kacey to the punch since she's back at work, but I need this little linky!

I actually got an entire {kid-free} day to work on my classroom yesterday!
Today we had furniture deliveries and garage door repairs scheduled, Monday is my last day with my boys, and I officially go back Tuesday. And we all know that means MEETINGS!
I still have little stuff to take care of, but the decorating is done for the most part! Is it ever really done...
and I really need to get to planning with my teammies next week!
But here are some pictures! I am thrilled with how my rotation boards are coming...why didn't anyone remind me to bring a level!!
anchor chart board

math workshop board...almost!

my new file cabinet!!

daily 5 board...almost! adorable posters from Lindsay!

and my veggie patch friends on their new chair from Walmart!

and don't forget to snag all your back to school needs this weekend! I know my cart may be a tad full...!


  1. Your room is ADORABLE! I love the Chevron border. I have it my room .. well kinda -- ordered orange, grey, and purple and only the purple has come in!! Still waiting on the others :(

  2. That veggie chair makes me so happy...hahaha. Love, love it. :) We start Tuesday, as well. Good luck!

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  3. Your room looks so beautiful! I've been enjoying pics on your instagram (and showing a lot to my hubby trying to convince him I should spend more money on my class). We go back Thursday, and I have a LOT to do!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late
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  4. Your boards are gorgeous, Rachel! I love your lime green paper and the tree branches!
    I wanna be in your class!


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