rutti tutti fresh and fruity! Giveaway!

Well, as my Spring Break winds down, I sit here and blog, redo units, and play online rather than do any sort of planning
It's just how I feel right now!
Not really ready yet. Maybe I'll be in about 8 weeks!

But while on break and was quite the little worker bee!

I'll be sharing as I go along this week, but I wanted to start the week off right with a giveaway!

Here's a real cutie! a Tutti Frutti Summer Cutie to be exact!
As soon as I saw Nikki's latest set I had to make this!

Includes the template to make the pineapple cutie-boy and girl version of course
and tons of extra printables!
Sunglasses brainstorming sheet and writing papers
Possible Prompts-my favorite sunglasses, when I wear sunglasses I feel. Students could use the black/white sunglasses from template and design their own to display
Summer is... brainstorming and writing papers
Summer is Seed-sational brainstorming sheet and writing papers
Fruits bubble map 
What is your favorite fruit write and draw
Writing center fruits word wall
survey-what is your favorite fruit? with survey pieces
ABC Order
Fruit Salad word scramble
Fruit and Veggie Venn

As I was making mine, Middle Lamb, our resident artist, had to have one too. So here they are! Right in the living room!
this is why there is a lined pineapple option and an unlined one! Love creativity-his has people jumping and playing on top!

To win this...
Just guess my favorite fruit!
First three to get it right will get one!
I will let you know tomorrow

and speaking of Nikki-she had TWO exclusives this weekend. I may have been to blame!

see! And today's exclusive is a sheep set...ewe is so smart! What girl with the last name Lamb could resist! Plus I needed a good excuse to buy some new sets I've been eyeing!

I leave you with a sweet picture of little Lamb before his very first baseball practice yesterday! It is finally so absolutely gorgeous here in NC! It's been 70 al weekend!
that's his tough face by the way!


  1. I'll guess pineapple:). Your unit looks refreshing!

  2. I would have to guess pineapple!! I hope so, its one of my favorites too!! Mix it with banana and YUM!! You're unit looks so cute I hope I'm right! :)
    Second Grade Spots and Dots

  3. My guess is strawberries. Your unit looks fresh and fruitti!

  4. I love your new unit! Makes me want to go make smoothies. :) My guess is Strawberries.


  5. Such a cue unit!! I'm going to guess pineapple! Yummy!!

    Table Talk with C & C

  6. Adorable! My guess is kiwi ? Lindsey -

  7. Replies
    1. you are the only one who got it!! Check your email!

  8. Kiwi is super yummy! That's my guess :)


  9. I'm going with pineapple...if I'm wrong then you need to reconsider eating pineapple! :) LOL!
    This unit is so stinkin adorable!!!

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  10. I'm guessing...oranges. This unit looks like a wonderful way to wind down the year. Thanks for sharing.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  11. So cute! I am going to guess Cutie oranges... They are yummy sweet!

  12. What a cute unit!

    My guess is...grapes!

    Joy in the Journey

  13. I'm going to go with grapes!


  14. I will go with cherries!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  15. Watermelon!

    Primary Buzz

  16. Cute Unit! My guess is watermelon.

  17. What a super cute unit! My guess!

  18. I am guessing oranges. Your unit is cute!


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