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Here's the weekly Let's Get Acquanited linky from Mrs. Reed.

These are so fun!
This week's theme is "nouns"
So here are my favorite person, place, thing, and animal
obviously! ha! Ok, I love my bed. Not even MY bed perse, just being IN bed! 
Chicago is a close 2nd...

In my third year teaching, I began saving $200 per month in a separate bank account. After some months later, I took my little sis to Louis Vuitton store in South Park {Charlotte, NC} and bought my bag...with cash. 
I have carried it almost every day since {that's over 6 years}
I chose the Neverfull MM
I mean the name "neverfull" was the instant selling point!
Each handle can hold 200 pounds!
Can you tell I love it. 

I wrote more about it that my husband and my bed combined!

No, I am not Napoleon Dynamite!
Ligers are real, y'all!
We have one at our very own Myrtle Beach!
It started with my husband showing me the you tube video
I showed it at school too. First Day!
and now it's most of my students' favorite too!
We are going this summer! I'm obsessed!
Because tigers are my actual favorite animal
I want to just curl up with one
as long as it couldn't rip me up limb by limb!

Now you know a little more about me! So link up and I can read a little more about you!
Re:jury duty-meet juror number 2...


  1. I love your purse and that it means so much to you! It's an investment!Every school year I have to buy new backpacks for my kids, so I should get a new purse right?
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. That was an awesome liger video! It's now my favorite animal, too! lol can't wait to show this to my kids!

  3. Wow, the liger video is so interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  4. LOVE Napoleon Dynamite! Never knew the liger was real. My mind is blown! By the way I'm one of your newest followers and I love your blog. Also as another tattooed teacher its nice to see someone else out their with visible tattoos.
    Teaching in Wonderland

  5. Your Louis bag is awesome! I was drooling over a Marc Jacobs bag in the Neiman Marcus at South Park a couple of weeks ago...still WAY out of my first-year teacher budget though! :) I love your blog!


  6. I bet that felt AMAZING to get your hands on that bag! I love your blog :) I am your newest follower!

    Connecting the Dots: A Kindergarten Blog


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