little einsteins and a few more pictures

As always, Amy Lemons has come to save the day with her amazingly cute and creative ideas {and of course they meet my standards, too!} I am loving her Let’s Get Started Math pack! Monday we brainstormed what a mathematician is after taking our BOY benchmark test. That was fun…the chart not the test

photo 5 (2)

My math man is a little “hitler-ish” but they didn’t notice!

I had to tell them all about my 5’ Einstein too! He stands in the corner of the room sporting a Do the Math badge I cut off a box of folders from walmart!

Here’s our little mathematicians craft from today. Some students had to guess at a lot of answers finish the benchmark test, so I did this with a few at a time. I warned them all on Day 1 we’d be doing lots of crafts! Their cutting skills do not disappoint!

photo 5 (4)
here is a good range of creativity and neatness…don’t you love the rolled up paper mustache and beard??

I do have some snapshots of parts of the room I feel are ok to share. I’m still getting there.

photo 3 (4)

Our Power Standards board from WBT. Every single person that comes in the room touches this paper! It’s fadeless paper. It’s awesome! On the back of this board is a whiteboard that serves as out word wall. The board flips over.
fadeless paper {AC Moore $9}
letters and paisley cut outs {CTP}

photo 2 (4)
my minilesson shelf. Those are my normal read aloud books for minilessons in reading, math, science, ss, and writing. Also houses some task cards, vocab cards for the word wall to the left, and more junk.

photo 1 (4)

same schedule clocks and clock numbers as last year, but made our thinking maps a little more fun. I hate if things are not straight, so I always tilt stuff. Learned that from my momma!

photo 3 (3)
our scoreboard right underneath the clock. Happy sock monkey…

photo 2
CAFÉ board to the right. I am still teetering on changing these to the owls to match my so-called theme. Not sure I can give up the Oz though!
Paper {fadeless Lime green from mardel}
boarders and paisleys {CTP dots on turquoise}
Oz CAFÉ free from my TpT store}
CAFÉ strategy cards {cannot remember what blog, but Gingersnaps has some great free ones I will end up with!}

photo 1 (2)

my computer desk next to the “sound of the week” board. We start official WTW and phonics next week so pictures to come. Love the desktop? Snagged this idea from Reagan’s room pictures!
Desk {IKEA 20$ total}
Chair {IKEA 22$}
Birdy D5 posters on wall {First Grade Giggles and Grins}
Birds painting {free because I made it. Just took plywood off the back of a bookshelf, painted it, and cup scrapbook paper birdies. I used Elmer’s Spray Adhesive and it’s been prefect!}
trash can {free came with room}

photo 3 (2)

here’s the fiction section of our library. I color code my baskets. Please ignore the pile of book on the bottom shelf. They are new books awaiting a basket. This is how I teach and review genres! I also had a few basket labels pop off today! boo!

Baskets {Sterilite from Target $3 each}
Books {too much to mention here. Mr. Lamb may read it}
hideous shade of pink on the walls {again, free}

photo 4 (2)

here’s the fiction banner above this area of the library. We cannot cover any outlets, so the eye sore stays.

pennants {Target $5.99}
letters are from the poster board packs of sticky letters {{these are the neon ones} I did have to dab hot glue on the backs.
pennant border {CTP $4}

photo 2 (2)
here’s the fiction chapter book section. They are green. Again you can see how my labels have popped off when we pulled the baskets…The two pink baskets are poetry books. One has compilations, the other are books written as poems. I cannot come up with labels for these other than “poetry”! You can also see my book hosptial, book shopping poster, and framed Harry potter quote. I have framed quotes all over. I find ones I like on etsy or other blogs, save them as picture files, and print to the size I need using Microsoft picture manager {which is probably on your PC standard}. I pin most of them here on my Word Up board.
small green baskets {sterilite from Target $3 each}
pink baskets $4 each {these are the “medium” size}
pink frame {BTS section of Target $5}


photo 5 (3)

this is what will house my GR stuff. My group baskets on top hold their books past, current, and next. The middle are our data binder, but I will be using folder this year. On the bottom are my teacher manuals.
lamp {Target $20}
solar flower {Dollar Tree}
group baskets {DOllar spot about 3 years ago}
scorpion in the cage {$25 from Petco} =) he’s decorated with Martha Stewart flowers, too!

photo 4 (3)

Reading ribbons board. It still says AR from last year, but it won’t for long. I told you I have a lot to do! I am using Hope’s Oh Snap reading incentives this year.
Ribbons {Hobby Lobby $4 each} Yep, there are sock monkeys up there!}

photo 4 (4)

My standards board. I spent the most time thinking about this. Last year it had my favorite tree on it. I planned on using it for attendance and never did. But I love how it looked so it stayed all year! I needed to display my standards and couldn’t figure out how on my tree. But, then I remembered I had this old tree pocket chart. I never use it because the posters sag, but I stapled the heck out of it and now it’s perfect!
tree {Oriental Trading $10}
Owl {cricut from a friend!}
Standards cards {$6 from my TpT store-these are the half size kid-friendly version}
arthritis {free from cutting them out}

That’s all for now!


  1. I love how your room is starting to turn out! I want to touch that fadeless paper too. Super cute!

  2. Everything looks great! I love how the mathematicians turned out!

  3. Loving your's so whimsy!

  4. Your room looks fabulous. My favorite is the Fly Bird board! SO cute.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  5. Those colored book bins from Target are the best. They are a little more expensive too, but they hold up so well! And they come in great colors too. Your room looks great!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  6. I LOVE your blog design and blog! I just found it through 4 You With Love and Marilyn, but I'll definitely be back! Seriously, the colors and skull and fonts are AWESOME! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist


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