WInter Holidays updated with pictures!!

Yesterday my class did our roations to introduce the Winter holidays we will celebrate this week: Las Posadas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas. I already blogged about what we would do so I want to share what it all looks like in action!
Students worked in teacher-made groups

One stop was holiday books so they could catch up if they needed

One student was the "reader"

and another was the "powerpoint director". The cups hold the stickers for each station I purchased from craft stores.

Looks like someone forgot their job!

They filled out their passport as they went along. It's basically for note-taking.

Today we began bringing it all together. We focused on Kwanzaa. I used some files from Teacher's Clubhouse {I love their minibooks and so do my kids. I think it's because they are so mini!} We also watched the powerpoint again and then did a memory game with questions worth a set amount of points based on difficulty {also from Teachers Clubhouse}
Yesterday afternoon I focused on Las Posadas. We watched Tomie dePaula's The Legend of the Poinsettia and made a story map.
Tomorrow is Hanukkah! Shalom! We are also practicing our readers' theatre for Grinch Day Friday! Lots to share coming soon!

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