A Week of Pinspiration

You may be tired of hearing about Pinterest, but that would only be because you are not addicted! This week I will be posting one project I’ve completed per day!
Today’s project: Crayon monograms
What I pinned…
What you’ll need: {I picked up everything at Walmart for myself and 2 friends for less than $35}
*8x8 shadow box frame (mine was 7.99 at Walmart)
*crayons-you’ll need to decide your color palate. I went with rainbow, but I was tempted to do shades of blues…
*Xacto knife
*craft glue
*paper and ink
*this tutorial! It is the best one I’ve found. This one has templates for each letter, too! {not to mention it uses my name!}
What we did:
I actually ran out of paper, so I printed our monograms on notebook paper my kids had lying around! They turned out awesome! I changed the templates to landscape and the letter printed right on the line…that’s my OCD kicking in!
Good to know:
*lay it out first! Glue it later
*scour the crayon then snap it-it breaks clean!
*We used a non-drip glue
*if you are like us, scared for permanence and decisions, you will change it a lot before gluing. I won’t judge!
Here’s my final artwork. I will be hanging it near my phone area. I think it turned out great! And to make it even better, I used my own crayons I’ve had since I was in 5th grade. I kept the box and just add to it as I get new ones…Red heart They may not be new crayons, but they are special!


  1. So cute!! I'm a pinterest addict too :)

  2. So cute!!! I wish I had time for Pinterest projects.....2nd week of school in full swing and my "free" time is up for now. I'll craft through you and your one craft a day:))

    4th Grade Frolics


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