Pinterest Project Day 2

Ok, I spent 7 hours in my room today and managed 1/2 of two bulletin boards, moving 3 tables and a chart stand to at least 4 different locations, separating my chapter books from my fiction books to make a new library section, and framing lots of happy thoughts…This is our Pinspiring Project #2.

If you are like me, you love words, quotes, and clipart and have a great appreciation for the people who put said loves into pictures! I have found and pinned so many great words lately. What to do with them? Print and frame them of course!

Here’s my Word Up board on Pinterest

If you like one, just follow the links back to the original, save to your computer, and there you go!

What you’ll need:
*lots of ink
*frames of varying sizes and colors (I stocked up on the ones at Target in the home section-they are all 5.99 for the packs) You’ll get two 8x10’s, four 4x6 or three 5x7, and I picked up three 4x6 ones in the dollar spot for $2.50, too.

If you print using Microsoft Picture Manager which is probably preloaded on your PC, you can choose the size to match the frame no matter what size the original is.

I set a few up around the room today. The rest are awaiting a clean space! Enjoy and happy framing! Sorry, I used my Driod to take pics today!


IMAG0265 (1)



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  1. I have so many quotes pinned and just need a class to print them out!


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