Day 5, A Few Pinspired Bulletin Boards

Do you all work like I do? A little bit here, a little bit there…Well, after Day 5 in my room, I have managed to finish only 3 display boards! Shessh! Any-who…

Here’s a few of my favs that I pinned and had to recreate


My AR board version


I used some freebie frames from The Scrappin’ Cop, ribbon from Michaels, and the paisley patterned border from Creative Teaching Press (gorgeous by the way, but I had to adjust how I put it up since I did not want the paper to show through). I backed almost all my boards in this wrapping paper I picked up at Ollie’s for $1! It is my fav shade of green!

This is how I plan to make it work. We are required to use AR this year and rather than points, I will focus on percentage of their goal met. When they have met 25% of their 9 week goal, they will earn a badge to put on their ribbon. I will repeat for 50%, 75% and 100%. They have 9 weeks to meet this individualized goal. I haven’t made the badges yet…but I will share when I do!

What I pinned…


My version…

I must say I am quite smitten with the owl a friend cut out on her Cricut…This is my daily graphing board. Each student will have their name on one of the apples {me, too} and will move it over to the white board to answer a daily question. I won some great free ones from Jodi at Clutter-Free Classrooms this week! The apples have a Velcro dot and small magnet on the back. I ran out of Velcro so that’s why there are not more on the tree. I love trees and have one on every wall in my room!

I have also recreated a few more that are not completely finished…like this student display wall {waiting on my Cricut birdies}


My version

And I also need to take pictures of my Café board, my Sound Wall, our Word Collector, and a few random happy boards! Monday is our all-day-back-to-school-really-hard-to-sit-through-meeting, so no time to work in our rooms!

A few more pins that I am working on here and there!

I love the money!

a math board…Amy Lemons shared the skip counting files, too!

Until we meet again,


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