Aftershocks and Withdrawals

Picture it, Claremont, NC 2011...stressed out  procrastinating teacher sitting on her classroom floor cutting lamination, gluing together a story map poster, and watching tv (all at the same time of course). Suddenly all the laminated glory on the walls begins to temble. "Katie!" she yells to her teamie across the hall. Then the floor begins to shake. Now she realizes this is not an AC unit gone awry...what the heck! A freakin' aftershock from the VA Earthquake all the way here in Southern NC! It was my first experience and it was all the talk around here. My less amused hubby posted the above picture on fb! 
ok, now that everyone is ok, back to the real issues I'm having this week...

After a 5 days back at school for workdays, I have never felt so unprepared! Today was our first day back with the kiddos, and I still had piles of crap beautiful things to hang all over! I swan-nee! I must say I could eat most of my class with a spoon! They are sooo cute and sweet. This is a definite advantage to lower grades! The are all adorable and don't smell! Definitely got a few rounders, too! But, let's be honest, they make the day more interesting. I hate to admit I have no pictures from today! Sheesh! I was crazy swamped and need to go to bed already!
I really have nothing wonderful to share other than promises to post classroom pictures (I LOVE my Pinterest/Blog inspired room) and a freebie "Graphing Myself" graph we did today! I am having serious Internet/blogging withdrawal! I have no time for play!


  1. Thanks so much for the graphing yourself worksheet! That will be perfect for me for tomorrow. We have a half day, along with church, and a clown assembly (..............) so I think I'll have maybe an hour and a half of teaching time. This will make good use of it!! Thanks again!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. Ha, I teach 4th grade in Salisbury and we were preparing for Open House when the earthquake occurred. What a creepy coincidence! I love all your 4th grade NC ideas from when you taught 4th!

  3. it was really weird! I cannot imagine living somewhere with actual earthquakes! I would be scared all the time


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