It's here...the Common Core Standards for Second Grade!!!!

Ok, so I know you all saw Mrs. Jump's amazing Common Core Standards posters and that dang cutie patootie ribbon display, Right!? I had to make one, and so with permission from the fab Deanna Jump herself, here they are!

We are required to have our standards that we are teaching posted in our rooms (and they have to be changed when the content changes-mine are changed daily in math and weekly in other areas for the most part). These posters are a quick (and cute) way to change out what you are working on with the kiddos. Put velcro on the strips and subject posters-then swap them out as needed.They are in the language I am supposed to use with the kids during lessons and refer to.
picture from Deanna Jump's blog

I used the CCS adopted in these states (and NC where I am next year) for the standards strips. I used the broad essentials since the specs vary state to state still. Hope you all enjoy! There are 2 different color schemes to choose from. If you see ANY mistakes, don't hesitate to email me!

They are posted on Teacher's Notebook and TpT now! I have my ribbon ready to hang, just waiting for somebody to allow me in my classroom then I will post some pictures!

purchase from teacher's notebook store

purchase from TpT


  1. Wooooot! You are AMAZING! You are my HERO! Thank you!!!!! Yes, I just scooped 'em up. :)

  2. haha! Keep posted-I think I have finally committed to a color scheme for my classroom and will probably add a few to this file-I will send update thru TpT!

  3. These are adorable!!! Thanks, I will be snatching them up on TpT :)

  4. Rachel, these are adorable! They are in my TpT cart right now...just waiting to recoup some extra money after my daughter's wedding (lol)!!

  5. Where will you be in NC? I teach in Cumberland County and have for the past 5 years! VERY cute signs, thanks for sharing!


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