Do you read US Weekly religiously? I await each and every Thursday for my new reading material. I love Read to Self time!! My favorite feature is the 25 Things articles. So here is my version.
1. I love thunderstorms 
2. I  ♥ birds, but hate real ones...
3. I have 3 tattoos {see below}
4. I love school. I mean me IN school. I have a masters in Reading Ed k-12. I am National Board Certified in middle childhood. I'd love to go back
5. I hate the word gist; and weird, gritty food textures
6. about textures-I touch everything! I walk through stores with my hand running along the rows
7. I hate when people touch my hair. Two people are allowed to. My girl who keeps my roots hidden and my husband {and that's only because I have to allow him}
8. I attended the elementary school where I teach. My mom also taught there.
9. I have never moved outside of my small town in NC
10. I was/am a teen mom. We had Jackson the day after I graduated high school and I went right on to college.
11. I am a ridiculously determined person because of number 10.
12. I could spend hours roaming around craft stores
13. I love anything miniature.
14. Potatoes are my favorite food. any kind. But especially ones that come in a red box with golden arches on it.
15. I am aggressive-passive personality. My teammate and I coined that by the way-it's copyrighted! I get really angry first, blow up, then I feel bad
16. I am really sarcastic and blunt. It is much worse if I am nervous
17. I am anxious...a lot! I have to sit closest to the door in any meeting, office, room, etc.
18. I am sad when I finish a book series. I felt lost after the last Harry Potter.
19. You probably won't see me in the exact same outfit twice. Unless you live with me, in that case you'll see me in the same jogging pants almost daily!
20. I love novels set in the Middle East. I find it fascinating.
21. Ronald Reagan is my favorite president
22. If I wasn't a teacher, I would do magazine layout, write for J. Crew, or be a book editor
23. I once fed my little sis dog food in her Fudge Round and I read her 6th grade diary entries to my classes
24. I am 5'1" and my husband is 6'3"
25. I wish I lived in Oz

I hope you enjoy this little blog!

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