wishlist wednesday: genre posters!

Today starts Wishlist Wednesday with Jen at The Teachers' Cauldron!
Each week we will put our top wish listed item on sale.
I start at the #1 most wish listed then move down the list!

TODAY ONLY both genre poster sets are half off!
Thursday through next Tuesday they will be 20% off!
so even if you miss the deal, you have some more time

Here's some pictures from of my favorite bloggers!

here's my display above-sorry, that's like the darkest picture in the world!

here's how Natalie displayed them in her classroom-like me, Natalie chose just the genres she teaches

Michelle uses them on her focus wall

and Jen used them in a huge Venn on her wall

if you'd like to play along or just shop some more deals, visit Jen's link up!


  1. I love the Brites Genre Posters, I have them in my classroom! They came in handy during reading group, as I could refer to them during guided reading lessons.

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  3. I clicked on the link, but it does not show any sale. Is there a special code?

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