12 Days of Teaching with Rachel and Jessica!

So Jessica just joined us over on the Owl blog and I must say I am blown away by her products! They are so thorough! And isn't she adorable!!
After our Sarah Hale giveaway we thought it might be fun to team up for a Christmas one too!
Well, I sort of get out of hand sometimes. So our giveaway turned into 12 giveaways!
Oh well, more work for us, but better for you!

Here's the deets.
And please read them-they are important!
Each day there's a little gift for you, our awesome followers!
There will be a giveaway on rafflecopter for you to enter...and there will be another little gift most days as well!
You can see what we have planned below!

So AFTER you enter the giveaway below...you will get your freebie! 
Just enter to see what I mean!
We will only keep these up for ONE DAY! Since there are 12 days, we want it to be fair to those who stay with us! So grab what's up each day-because rafflecopter only allows midnight to midnight! That means a new one goes up at 12 am! But it's over 24 hours later!

Today you can win Rachel's Unwrap an Inference activity and Jessica's Holiday Multiplication Task Cards! Go enter and enjoy the freebie! (it's actually 2-n-1!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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