Let's Give T.H.A.N.K.S! a linky

It's that special time of year again when we can look around us and be thankful for what we have. Especially with a few days off! And I mean that in all seriousness. I have time to sit and enjoy my boys. I have time to miss the kids at school. I have time to laugh it up with hub's family and again with my family. I have time to work on products that need some finishing touches.

This year, the girls and I at Blog Hoppin' are doing A Week of Thanks a little differently than years past. Each day is a new letter...like an acrostic! Every day (that you choose to participate) you can share with us what you are thankful for-but here's the catch; it needs to begin with that day's letter!
So today is T...tomorrow is H...you get it! Yes, it spells THANKS!
Here's a nifty little calendar just in case!
And each day link up on Blog Hoppin'!
because there may be a deal somewhere in our posts!

Use these signs each day if you'd like! They are super easy to use.
1. Download from Dropbox
2. Open in powerpoint, Preview, photoshop, whatever you use to play around with images
3. Just add your text!
4. Resave (I always save to my desktop so I can find it later)
5. Upload to your blog like any other signage!

If you need some ideas...here's a few! But you can post anything you'd like!


  1. What a fun idea! I will definitely be participating. :) Thanks for sharing!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  2. I have had such a hard time keeping up with blogging this year! I am excited for this linky--- simple, yet meaningful! Thanks for sharing! :)

    EduKate and Inspire


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