Visual Plans-Apples for Big Kids

So I may not be able to keep posting these, but they do help me out each week!
This week we are doing a scaled back apple week. My kids have had apple weeks in PreK, Kinder, and First grade, so I do not go overboard with it. They've done the taste testing...and the apple floating, so we READ a lot about apples and life cycles! I also made a fun math activities with apply riddles. My kids love jokes! I just snagged A Year of Many Firsts' Apple of My Eye unit and I think it will go nicely with my Applicious Printables!
Another reason I made that pack was I will have my first sub on Wednesday. I am nervous y'all. bad. They were slightly crazed children today. I may have used the word "heathens" I am hoping if the sub can keep them so busy they cannot talk, all will be ok!
So here's a rundown of our week!

We are reading Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night from the basal and working on retelling. I use the other Henry and Mudge books as read alouds to do the crafts, too. We also always watch the Mastiffs on Animal Planet's Dogs 101. Most of the kids have no idea how big those dogs are! Today we used the retelling cards that come with reading street to write a retelling using only 6 sentences...yes, poor babies had to write/copy 5 whole sentences! Bless!
We also start our Sound Energy unit. Tomorrow we will go on a sound field trip with clipboard in hand, then return to the room to discuss volume. I posted about it on Blog Hoppin' yesterday!
I STILL have not introduced Work on Words...I feel like I am really getting behind, but we have 160 more days and I know I cannot shove everything in half-assed! So here's to hoping tomorrow is the day!
Activities pictured above include:
Common Core Morning Work from Second Story Window
A Boy and His Dog from Amy Lemons
Word Work Trio from 3rd Grade Thoughts
Apple of My Eye from Lyndsey Kuster
Applicious No Prep Printables for big kids from me
Good Vibrations Sound unit from me
Sound field trip freebie from me

Other activities I have and would love to do! It's a 4 day week! 
Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed from Bubbly-I will make this fit in! I love these!

there is seriously so much apply goodness out there. Maybe next year I will extend it a little!
Happy Monday!

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